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PlayStation services will continue to operate in Turkey despite the recent shutdowns by Sony

After the recent closing of Sony’s offices in Turkey, a company spokesperson confirmed this gaming industry Sony remains ready to support Turkish customers in the TV and audio business as well as PlayStation-related services.

“Sony has optimized its range of operations for television and audio consumer products in Turkey due to the challenging business environment that is increasingly affecting profitability in these specific categories in Turkey,” said a Sony spokesperson. “While we do not take these decisions lightly, we are fully committed to continuing to provide customer service support operations for these products. Turkey remains an important market for Sony, and we will continue to drive our remaining areas of business operations in the region.”


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A few weeks ago, A.J Turkish source It reported that Sony had made the decision to end its operations in Turkey, closing its offices in Umraniye, Istanbul. The decision is said to have been made on January 27, informing employees of the fact that Sony would like to hand over its Turkey operations to outside distributors rather than go it alone. The decision comes after months of high inflation in Turkey, which affected many companies.

A Sony spokesperson also confirmed that all services provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment in connection with PlayStation consoles and PlayStation Plus services will continue to operate in Turkey, as the company will continue to support consumers located in the region.

Sony started operations in Turkey in 1990. Since then, the company has been providing services to its PlayStation, TV, and Camera subsidiaries. However, the Japanese tech giant’s physical presence in the country has ended after nearly 32 years.

The number of employees affected by this decision is still unknown, as Sony will not be able to place them elsewhere within the company due to the fact that the company will not operate in the country.

Despite the cessation of operations in Turkey, Sony enjoyed a hugely successful fiscal quarter recently as its PlayStation 5 consoles managed to reach over 7.1 million units in unit sales, which is already a record for a single quarter. With this data, the total number of PlayStation 5 consoles shipped is over 32 million units. Later this month, Sony will release it PlayStation VR2 As its next generation of VR gaming headsets synced with PlayStation 5.

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