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Ronnie Rivers: LA Rams Rookie Wins the $514K Jackpot in Las Vegas During the 2023 Pro Bowl Weekend

Rivers, who is out of Fresno State, appeared in just eight games during the 2022 season.

Las Vegas, Nevada — Las Vegas hosted a revamped version of the Pro Bowl over the weekend, with several non-football contests and a series of first-ever football games featuring the NFL’s biggest names.

Ronnie Rivers was not among them. But he came out of the weekend a big winner.

The 24-year-old Los Angeles Rams rookie wasn’t in the league’s All-Star event, but he was in Las Vegas to celebrate his and his mom’s birthdays.

Received a birthday present on Saturday. The rookie won over $514,000 in a single hand of three poker cards at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip, played by holding a combined royal flush between his three cards and the dealer’s three.

The above video from 2018 story a separate jackpot but in the same game as Rivers.

The half million dollar payout was the “huge” progressive jackpot collected by Caesars Entertainment’s nine casino facilities in Sin City. A player is eligible to win the jackpot by placing a $5 side bet on each hand.

KTNV-TV Reports of Rivers’ plans to buy a home with a windfall.

Incidentally, each member of the Pro Bowl winning team earned $84,000 for their efforts. Rivers, which came out of Fresno State without a build, has made six times that.

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