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Shania Twain returns to music with brutal new album | music | entertainment

Oh man, she feels like a new woman… Shania showed up and she’s so full of life. But can it be as big as it used to be? The Canadian country star turned over 100 million records in the ’90s, trading with a potent blend of country roots and pop sensibility.

Classics like a man! I feel like a woman and she doesn’t impress me much which has made her one of the biggest icons on the planet.

Her 1997 album Come On Over alone has sold 40 million copies. But the songs fizzled out when the Ontario-born singer hit barriers at the Noughties.

Protracted health battles — with Lyme disease and dysarthria — threatened to steal her voice. And her separation from husband Matt Lang, her producer and co-writer, robbed her of her muse.

We’ve waited 15 years for her 2017 comeback, now.

The queen of me is over my knees. giddy! Burst out of the traps full of energy and suggestive fun.

She sings “When the going gets tough, you gotta get a little love”. “Put some in your giddy, giddy.”

The life-affirming waking dream begins with Hey Mickey’s drums and, on a flurry of synths, celebrates the joy of falling in love. The booming verse extends into an irresistible chorus.

Twain’s voice sounds fully restored, maybe a little deeper, and confidence and variety abound.

Musical styles range from a number one, upbeat dance groove, to a whimsical Last Day of Summer, a painfully reflective farmer’s look at a first kiss with a lost love.

Less playable is the potty-mouthed Pretty Liar where Shania targets a love rat: “So you’ve got a big gun and you really want to come show me how to wave it, but save it for someone who cares…”


She’s back in the game.

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