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Taylor Schilling & Colin O'Brien Interview: Dear Edward

Dear Edward follows the sole survivor of a mass casualty plane crash, young Edward Adler. Edward must adjust to his new reality while facing enormous grief over the loss of his family when he moves in with his aunt and uncle. The series is based on Ann Napolitano’s novel of the same name, which was partially inspired by the true story of the Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 crash on May 12, 2010. Dear Edward also examines grief from multiple perspectives as it follows the stories of those left behind by the loved ones they lost in the plane crash.

Dear Edward was developed by Jason Katims, who is best known for creating the acclaimed drama series Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. The series has an impressive ensemble, including Connie Britton, Anna Uzele, Amy Forsyth, Colin O’Brien, and Taylor Schilling. Dear Edward examines grief in all forms as each character is faced with a world forever changed by the immense loss they suffer and secrets they uncover after their loved ones are gone.

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Screen Rant attended a media event with other media outlets for Dear Edward where stars Schilling and O’Brien spoke about the new Apple TV+ series. Schilling and O’Brien share what drew them to their characters and how they bonded. Schilling also breaks down how her character copes with grief and caring for her nephew in this unexpected parental role that has been thrust upon her. O’Brien explains what draws Edward to his new friend, Shay, after the loss of his brother.

Can you talk about your characters for us and why you wanted to play them?

Screen Rant: You guys are amazing in this show, and this show is a tearjerker for sure. Taylor, my question is for you. Lacey wanted to be a mother for so long, how do you think she copes with the reality of caring for a child, especially while they’re both dealing with grief and trauma?

And what was your working relationship like? I imagine you had to trust each other quite a lot to deal with these big issues?

Screen Rant: I’m a huge fan of Jason Katim’s. He does such a great job of developing characters. Colin, what did you want to bring to the role of Edward that wasn’t necessarily on the page?

Taylor, were you a fan of the book? And if so, what did you love about it?

Just to follow up on that, I was just curious, Colin, if you had read the book? Or if anybody in your life, parents, aunts, anybody had read it and told you how much they loved it?

Screen Rant: Taylor, the grief group scenes really stand out to me. It almost feels like a tutorial in acting in a way, where all of you really delve into the emotional beats. Can you talk about filming those scenes with your fellow actors?

Screen Rant: Colin, I love Edward’s relationship with his brother and Shay. What draws him to Shay after the loss of his brother?

Edward Adler is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills everyone else on board, including his family. Dear Edward, based on Ann Napolitano’s novel of the same name, examines grief from different perspectives as it follows the stories of those left behind by the people on the plane, including Edward and his aunt and uncle.

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Dear Edward premieres on Apple TV+ on February 3.

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