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The earthquake in Buffalo, New York is the strongest in the region in 40 years: ‘It felt like a car had hit my house’

A small earthquake rocked western New York early Monday, alarming people in an area unaccustomed to such tremors but apparently not causing significant damage.

US Geological Survey It reported a 3.8 earthquake It was the strongest quake the area has seen in at least 40 years, said seismologist Yarb Tawil, which was centered east of Buffalo in suburban West Seneca at about 6:15 a.m.

The shaking lasted a few seconds and sent residents initially to their windows and then to social media in search of an explanation.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncars tweeted this No damage has been reported So far in West Seneca, a suburb of Buffalo.

“It felt like a car had hit my house in Buffalo. I jumped out of bed,” Poloncars wrote on Twitter. County emergency services officials confirmed that residents felt the quake within at least a 30-mile radius, including Niagara Falls, about 20 miles north of Buffalo, he said.

The Canada earthquake, with a magnitude of 4.2, reported that it was only slightly felt in southern Ontario.

Small earthquakes are not uncommon in upstate New York but they are rarely strongly felt. The quake comes on the heels of two record-breaking weather events for the region: a blizzard that dropped up to 7 feet of snow in November and a Blizzard In December it was blamed for 47 deaths.

An earthquake occurred in western New York hours later strong earthquakes Hundreds were killed in Turkey and Syria. A USGS spokesperson said there was no connection between the two events.

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