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The Elephant Song review: A blunt little piece that doesn’t last Welcome theater | entertainment

Michael (Gwithian Evans) is a smarter-than-average, chocolate-obsessed, 23-year-old who runs loops around the nurse and doctors assigned to help him. After the mysterious disappearance of the therapist assigned to Michael, head of the center Dr. Greenberg (John Osbaldiston) arrives to question the boy while well-meaning nurse Miss Peterson (Louise Faulkner) walks in and out to offer advice.

Holding a toy elephant, Michael plays a series of mind games with the irascible Greenberg as he slowly, agonizingly reveals what lies behind the mystery, hinting at sexual impropriety and forbidden patient-doctor relations.

The fungus in the saloon is why the boy became ill in the first place and the reveal of a traumatic safari with his estranged father is effectively written and delivered with condemnation by Evans.

It’s a short, sharp little piece that isn’t quite worthy of its melodramatic ending, but at 75 minutes it’s not beyond welcome.

  • The Elephant Song at Park Theatre, London, until 11 February, tickets: 020 7870 6876

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