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This new initiative by London School of Economics will showcase inspiring stories of young Africans

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in collaboration with Channels TV via the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, has initiated a podcast focused on telling the inspiring stories of young individuals.

Nairametrics gathered that the podcast is called “The Climb Podcast” and is intended to engage with Africa through research, teaching, public events, and reinforcing LSE’s long-standing dedication to making Africa a central aspect of global issue discussions.

Recall that the Programme for African Leadership was established at LSE to empower a new generation of African leaders and promote the best practices of economic and social development in their respective countries and organizations.

About the Climb podcast: The Climb Podcast will provide a platform to showcase the inspiring stories of young Africans and those in the diaspora, to celebrate their accomplishments and foster greater youth involvement in Africa’s growth and progress.

Each 20-30-minute episode, produced in partnership with Channels Media Group, will be published every other week on popular podcast platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

What they are saying: John Momoh, the chairman of Channels Media Group, commented on the production saying that as change-makers in the broadcast industry, it is a delight to team up with LSE to birth the project, and is confident that its impact will reverberate around the world.

The collaboration will utilize their extensive knowledge and substantial social media following in Africa to bolster the success of the podcast initiative.

The founder of the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa at LSE, Firoz Lalji, expressed pride in embarking on this innovative joint production with Channels TV to share the tales of exceptional young Africans, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of leaders. He stated:

  •  “Drawing on our Program for African Leadership, LSE is honoured to embark on this groundbreaking co-production with Channels TV to tell the stories of some extraordinary young Africans to inspire a generation of future leaders.”

About Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa: The Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa (FLIA) is dedicated to fostering engagement with Africa through innovative research, teaching, and public events, thereby reinforcing LSE’s long-standing goal of placing Africa at the forefront of global issue discussions.

The Institute prioritizes increasing the visibility of Africa in LSE’s teaching, research, and policy engagement. It also aims to advance multi-disciplinary academic research and teaching, facilitate open and informative debates, and encourage evidence-based policymaking.

Through its various academic, research, and outreach programs, the FLIA encourages collaborative partnerships and knowledge sharing between LSE, UK scholars and institutions, and their African counterparts.

It promotes teaching about Africa and the continent’s changing significance in the world both at LSE and internationally, and it upholds robust independent scholarship. 

FLIA hosts a wide range of ongoing programmes and activities such as the Programme for African Leadership (PfAL), the LSE Africa Summit, the Africa Talks series, the African Visiting Research Fellowship Programme, the Africa Engagement Programme, an ESRC/GCRF Research Centre and Africa at LSE blog.

FLIA promotes work on health, South-South relations, justice and security, economic growth, trade, the environment, decentralised governance, grassroots organisations, urbanisation, public administration, conflict and humanitarianism.

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