TikTok rumor claims China discovered unchartered land coated in ‘dinosaurs’

A video has gone viral on TikTok whereby a woman claims China has discovered unchartered land in 2023 that’s populated by dinosaurs.

TikTok isn’t any stranger to conspiracy theories, from the free Britney movement to the “truth” behind Peppa Pig, there could also be on a regular basis one factor outlandish being talked about.

Now, a woman has claimed that new land that’s populated with a dinosaur-like species has been current in China. Let’s uncover out further.

TikTok shopper claims China discovered unchartered land in 2023

In the video, an American woman claims that when she was getting her nails accomplished at a nail salon, the Chinese nail technicians on shift have been watching the “Chinese news.” She says that she used a translator app on her cellphone to know what the data was saying.


China discovered uncharted land that has been untouched with dinosaur bones and totally different species discovered just a few of those species have a peak of 13 toes tall the USA has not talked about one thing about it. We are in for a rude awakening. Please merely let or not it’s untouched we don’t need to the contact it. #china#unchartedterritory#fyp#viral

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“Lo and behold, the Chinese have discovered unchartered land. I’m talking about land untouched,” the TikTokker says. She gives: “You guys, that’s not even the shock. They have found dinosaur-like creatures over 13 feet tall.”

The woman throughout the video says that the information is simply not on the market throughout the USA and she or he can’t uncover any info retailers reporting on it. However, she does reassure viewers that she “confirmed” it with the Chinese-speaking nail technicians.

She moreover alleges {{that a}} group of scientists discovered wherever from tons of to 1000’s and 1000’s of the dinosaur-like creatures throughout the “untouched” territory. Finally, the TikTokker signifies that the creatures may pose a threat to most people.

Internet detective finds no provide for ‘land dinosaur’ claims

Subsequent films about this unfounded declare have been posted to TikTok by those who have tried to do their very personal evaluation into it.

TikTok shopper cojack84 talked about in his video: “I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t find anything about it. That includes Chinese media that I have been looking at recently.”


China Discovers Uncharted Land Full of Dinosaurs #greenscreen#dinosaurs#china#news#andrewdawson#conspiracy#fyp

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Some netizens have to know further regarding the ‘unchartered land’

One TikTokker posted a duet-style video with the distinctive TikTok with the caption: “Imma haveta keep diggin n researchin ya’ll. If there’s something ta find, ill find it!”


Imma haveta preserve diggin n researchin ya’ll. If there’s one factor ta uncover, ailing uncover it! I’ll haveta use some connects.. #china#unchartedland#newdiscovery#dinosaurs#creatures#newland#southchinamorningpost

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One shopper commented: “Going to uncharted land and being worried about an attack, all while being the INVADER itself is crazy. They better leave them alone,” whereas one different claimed: “I told people about this year’s ago, they laughed at me lol.”

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