Tinubu snubs Ayade’s superhighway, Bakassi deep seaport requests in Calabar

The presidential Candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on Tuesday snubbed Governor Ben Ayade over his proposed superhighway and deep seaport requests in Calabar on at the party’s Presidential rally in Calabar.

The Presidential Flag Bearer, who took over the microphone to address dignitaries and party supporters at the party’s rally in Calabar, had overlooked the request and reminder of Governor Ayade, who had spoken briefly and eloquently about a Bakassi Deep Seaport and a Superhighway project as the need of Cross River State.

But Tinubu, while speaking in response, did not utter a word in response to Ayade’s request.

Ayade in his words had amongst other things addressed dignitaries and Party supporters, including Bola Tinubu saying, “Cross River is saying, you have won already, we have come here to celebrate and honour Tinubu Shettima ticket.

“Don’t forget our Bakassi Deep Seaport, Cross Riverians want to see Bakassi Deep Seaport and they want to see the Superhighway to link the southern part of Nigeria to the eastern part of the North. ”

However, Bola Tinubu when he took over the microphone on stage rather talked about job creation and prosperity and made some prayers for his supporters, without replying Governor Ayade’s request.

“God will give you happiness and joy, your children will be greater than all of us. We have promised, we mean what we say, do you want prosperity?.

“I promise you, hear comes prosperity, jobs, you’ll get jobs, we will create jobs here, we will turn your water surrounding to be better than Miami Corridors, this state will become the wonder of tourism,” Tinubu said.

The rally ended at about 7 o’clock in the evening and was held at the U-J Esuene sports stadium Calabar.

Meanwhile, hours to the arrival of the presidential candidate, his campaign council in the state had declared that presidential power would return to the South.

The team that was led by the Chairman of the APC Campaign Council, Cross River State, Senator John Owan Enoh, and the Chairman Of the Local Organizing Committee(LOC), Mr. Julius Okputu explained that, “The defining thing about the election is not about religion, it’s not about the Muslim-Muslim ticket, its about the fact that after president Buhari, Presidential power would not remain in the North.”

Owan Enoh, further explained that, “Asiwaju is coming, this election that is coming is about the candidates that has been put forth, what you should check to know if he will do well or not should be his track record.

“If our politics was less partisan that you could run as an independent candidate, APC has a candidate in Bola Tinubu that can even run as an independent candidate, because of how much he has been round.”

He concluded that this elections is about on whose table does the ball stop, to take decision as president of the country, and to take Responsibility in terms of outcome.

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