Tragic Loss: Anthony Alexander, who rescued 3 kids from icy pond shot and killed by Diamire Hickman in Darby shooting

In the Upper Darby episode, a high schooler who helped with safeguarding kids from a freezing lake perishes; the suspect turns himself in. After supposedly shooting and killing one more little fellow on Sunday during a party inside a loft in Upper Darby, a youngster has been arrested. How about we find out what befell Anthony Alexander and this shooting case exhaustively.

What has been going on with Anthony Alexander? Pennsylvania’s Upper Darby Municipality (WPVI) — Experts in Upper Darby, Delaware District say an adolescent who shot and killed another youngster who was hailed a legend a year prior gave himself in to police on Monday.

The occurrence occurred in a home on the 2400 block of Marshall Street on Sunday night not long before 5 o’clock.

As indicated by the police, Anthony Alexander, 17, was shot and killed by 16-year-old Diamire Hickman. No other data with respect to the episode’s objective has been disclosed.

Third-degree murder and unexpected homicide are among the numerous charges against Hickman, who is being arraigned as a grown-up. Anthony Alexander, the person in question, is similar teen who helped with saving three young people from a cold lake on Presidents Day in Collingdale last year, as per relatives who talked with Activity News.

Who is the suspect? A 16-year-old youngster is blamed for lethally shooting one more adolescent kid during a party inside an Upper Darby loft on Sunday, and he has been accused as a grown-up of third-degree murder, compulsory homicide, and a weapons offense.

Anthony Alexander, 17, of Collingdale, was shot and killed by 16-year-old Diamire Hickman when a gathering of young people was inside a loft not long before 5 o’clock, as per police.

His injuries caused his demise. Hickman, a Collingdale occupant too, supposedly handed himself over to police right off the bat Monday.

Third-degree murder, unexpected homicide, and a guns offense are charges against him as a grown-up. Alexander’s gallant demonstration On February 21, not long before 3 p.m., Alexander — who was 16 at that point — was playing with his buddies at Collingdale Park when he heard shouting coming from two young ladies and a person.

“Help was frantically required. I could not have possibly held on and watched them suffocate in like that “Last year, Alexander talked with Activity News.

Prior to making a plunge and eliminating the little fellow and one of the young ladies, he previously attempted to utilize a stick to save the kids. It was cold, Alexander detailed. “Like my body went into shock like I was staggered.” Following their appearance, Official Corey Hansen and Sergeant Pat Kilroy of the Collingdale Police Division dove into the lake to save the second little kid.

The pride of Alexander’s folks was discernible. His mom, Ava Alexander, told Activity News at the social occasion, “He generally had the biggest heart on the planet and presently the world sees that heart.” His dad, Anthony Alexander Sr., said, “I’m extremely honored to have him in my life and exceptionally honored to raise someone like him.

As per Anthony Alexander, the experience made him ponder a lifelong in police requirement.

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