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What is a blue butterfly?

Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal are recent games by fans, with an emphasis on the new calendar system and the introduction of shadows. While these main games are mostly separate, a recurring Blue Butterfly and the Velvet Room brings the returning character Igor, with different Velvet Room attendees for each title.

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While there is a file Huge gap in the personal chain Between the first three titles and the three subsequent ones in terms of fandom, story, and gameplay elements, the Some of the hints that connect these games revolve around the blue butterfly. The first three games introduce players to the character of Philemon, and although he does not appear directly in later games, he is a prevalent character throughout the character’s entire series.


Who is Philemon?

Philemon is introduced in the first Persona game and Grants characters the ability to summon characters. Philemon is the god of this universe who acts as a guide to humans by using personalities to combat humanity’s negative emotions. While other deities introduced in the series represent negative emotion, Philemon represents hope. Despite his power, Philemon It only acts as an observer Throughout the events of the first three games.

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Philemon is shown wearing a butterfly mask that covers most of his face and inhabiting the world known as the Velvet Room. Igor and the staff of the Velvet Room work to help the protagonists of each story, and Philemon created them all and gave them the power to do so. After the events of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Philemon is not seen directly, however Take the form of a blue butterfly to observe the events of each game As a new group of humans they face negativity within humanity. Philemon can also bestow Wild Card power and does so only on strong humans, giving him a smaller but still noticeable role in later character games where each hero is given a Wild Card. Atlus has confirmed that the butterfly in Persona 5 is Lavenza, but this still represents Philemon’s lasting power and influence, as Lavenza’s power is derived from Philemon.

Philemon’s bet

Philemon talking to Nyarlathotep

the embodiment of hope, Philemon believes that humanity has within itself the power to save itself and attain enlightenment beyond the negativity that so often afflicts the common people. Philemon made a bet on the god of chaos, Nyarlathotep. Nyarlathotep believes that humanity will achieve its own destructionand the events of all character games are the gods testing humanity using the characters we play.

While these deities are not seen directly, each character game deals with a different issue raised by the common people. Butterfly is a Philemon who adheres to a strict laissez-faire rule and follows the protagonist. Nyarlathotep is not given the same rule as seen in previous character games, as he is directly interfering with the party and driving humanity towards chaos. Even against Nyarlathotep, Philemon believes, humanity does not need his help to save itself, becomes enlightened, and transcends the chaotic sentiments its rival is trying to spread.

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