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Why Hogwarts Legacy Is Missing The Chamber of Secrets

Hogwarts Legacy provides players a chance to roam the iconic castle’s hallways and grounds freely, and see first-hand some of the notable locations from the Harry Potter series, but the Chamber of Secrets will be absent by design. Because the second Harry Potter book and movie featured this location so heavily, it may come as a surprise, and a bit of a disappointment that Salazar Slytherin’s famous chamber is missing, but the game promises to have many features up its sleeve that will make its absence less obvious.

Within Hogwarts Legacy, Hogwarts castle holds many secrets for players to enjoy stumbling across throughout their playing experience. The open-world RPG allows anyone who is curious enough to sneak around to come across Easter eggs, hidden details, and other fun surprises. While the Chamber of Secrets may not be one of those, the developers did have good reasons for not including it.

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Deep inside the Chamber of Secrets is a mysterious basilisk known only as a myth, until it began tormenting Harry Potter and the rest of the students of Hogwarts. During the time that Hogwarts Legacy takes place, that basilisk is most certainly creeping around down there. This could cause a bit of a tricky situation if players were able to kill the basilisk in the 1800s when it needs to be around in 1992 canonically.

Developers of Hogwarts Legacy revealed in an interview that they tried to build Hogwarts as accurately as they could, but ultimately the Chamber of Secrets had too many issues for canon. Thanks to a recent leak of the Hogwarts Legacy official art book Reddit users also found confirmation that there were too many challenges for the Hogwarts Design Team to overcome in creating a virtual Chamber of Secrets. There’s still potential for some kind of reference to the area at least, and perhaps for it to be included in future DLC somehow.

It would have been enjoyable to be able to enter and explore the Chamber of Secrets; however, the game would then have to find a way to prevent players from killing the basilisk inside in order to avoid messing up Harry Potter canon. Even without the Chamber of Secrets, there will still be plenty of mischief to be managed in Hogwarts Legacy for players to have fun with, and many magical secrets to uncover.

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