Wife Wrote ‘Letter from the Grave’ Before 2008 Death — Now Husband Is Guilty of Poisoning Her with Antifreeze

A Wisconsin man has been found liable as soon as extra of the homicide of his larger half of their residence in 1998 all through a retrial.

Mark Jensen, 63, was sentenced for first-degree purposeful murder inside the demise of his 40-year-old companion Julie Jensen. He was sentenced in 2008 for her killing, however his sentence was emptied in 2021 after the Wisconsin High Court decided {{that a}} letter Julie Jensen composed embroiling her essential completely different if she died disregarded his correct to a great preliminary, WTMJ detailed.

“Mark Jensen is perhaps of the most ruthlessly merciless individual I’ve at any point found in my life,” said distinctive examiner Bounce Jambois after the selection, CBS58 launched.

“To lay close to his better half around evening time as she’s panting for breath, wheezing to live, however attempting to live as he then pays attention to her, sitting tight for her to die.”

Examiners claimed that Mark Jensen steadily harmed his larger half with radiator fluid and resting capsules and afterward utilized a pad to choke out her, the Milwaukee Diary Sentinel.

Jensen’s safeguard contended that she ended all of it, WTMJ launched. “Mark Jensen didn’t kill his significant other,” Safeguard lawyer Jeremy Perri instructed attendants all through shutting articulations.

“We know this from the science, we know this from everything that Julie Jensen said to her doctor.”

“If it’s not too much trouble, ponder the inquiries we’ve posed of the observers for this situation. If it’s not too much trouble, ponder what my response would be to the state’s contention. This case is awful on such countless levels. There’s downturn. There’s self destruction. Furthermore, there’s an honest man being investigated for murder,” Perri expressed, as per WTMJ.

“Mark Jensen is honest, and we request that you return a decision of not blameworthy,” he said.

After the selection, Jambois said he was glad that Julie’s letter wasn’t required for a conviction, as per CBS 58.

“I accept that Wisconsin court of Wisconsin High Court misunderstood this issue,” he said, CBS 58 revealed. “I think casualties reserve a privilege to be heard in court.”

Jambois said Julie thought-about her letter to the Grassland Police Division ensnaring her larger half on Nov. 21, 1998 and gave it to her neighbor to supply for the police. She died on Dec. 3, 1998.

“… assuming anything happens to me, he would be my most memorable suspect,” she composed. “Our relationship has crumbled to the nice shallow.

I do know he’s by no means pardoned me for the concise enterprise I had with the jerk fairly some time again … At any charge, I don’t smoke or drink …

Mark believes me ought to drink extra with him in the nights. Actually I don’t. I may by no means finish my life in mild of my kids — they imply the world to me!”

“I ask I’m off-base and nothing occurs … except for I’m dubious of Mark’s dubious way of behaving and dread for my initial end.” Mark Jensen is perhaps condemned in April.

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