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Will Hi-Fi Rush Release On Nintendo Switch? Everything You Need To Know

Hi-Fi Rush came out of seemingly nowhere, and it has taken the gaming sphere by storm – but will Nintendo Switch users get to join in on the fun? It’s not all too shocking that the game isn’t yet on the platform, as ports to the Nintendo Switch can often take a longer time to release. With Hi-Fi Rush, however, the uncertainty lies in whether the title will make its way to the console at all.

Being both announced and released simultaneously at January 25’s Xbox Developer Direct event, Tango Gameworks’ newest game quickly gained traction due to its unique mesh of rhythm-based mechanics and classic action gameplay. Main protagonist Chai and the rest of Hi-Fi Rush‘s characters benefit from talented voice actors, an impressive soundtrack, and a pleasant art style. Its unexpected, yet nonetheless welcome success has already rumored the game as a potential Game Of The Year candidate for 2023 – so it’s no surprise that there’s been some speculation of an upcoming Nintendo Switch port.

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Unfortunately, it’s incredibly unlikely that Hi-Fi Rush will make it to the Nintendo Switch. Tango Gameworks’ parent company, ZeniMax, is owned by Microsoft – as is the game’s publisher, Bethesda Softworks – making it a safe bet that it’ll remain an Xbox console exclusive. Of course, the game industry is always shifting, so this isn’t necessarily set in stone, but Nintendo Switch users shouldn’t get their hopes up for the foreseeable future. They aren’t the only ones who will be missing out on the game, as the chances of Hi-Fi Rush coming to the PS5 are quite low, as well.

The game probably won’t receive a port to the Nintendo Switch, but it’s still playable across several platforms. Hi-Fi Rush is available on the Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC players will get to choose between the Microsoft Xbox app, the Epic Games Store, or Steam (where it does feature Steam Deck compatibility, giving Hi-Fi Rush at least one handheld option). The game is currently on the Xbox Game Pass as well, which both Xbox console and PC users can take advantage of.

Hi-Fi Rush won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, if at all, and this might understandably come as a disappointment to users of the platform. After all, Hi-Fi Rush‘s stellar game soundtrack, unique rhythm-based combat, and cast of lovable characters have spawned glowing reviews and adoring fans a mere few days following its release. With any luck, the game’s success will inspire it to take to other platforms in the future, so that everyone can have a chance to play as Chai and save the world with the power of music. For the time being, though, Hi-Fi Rush will not be receiving a Nintendo Switch port.

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