Will Tommy and Trevor End Up Together in 9-1-1: Lone Star?

The second season of FOX’s movement assortment ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ introduces Captain Tommy Vega, who replaces Michelle Blake at Station 126. Tommy arrives in Austin, Texas, alongside along with her husband Charles, and their twin daughters. When Charles dies out of nowhere, Tommy’s life modifications significantly. Even after the mourning interval, she stays away from the connection scene and chooses to spend her life and time alongside along with her daughters, associates, and colleagues. She finds a family in 126 and decides to not seek for one different one in an individual. In the fourth season premiere, she meets Reverend Trevor Parks, a pastor at her church. As they navigate the prospects of their potential union, the viewers ought to be wanting to know whether or not or not they might end up collectively. Well, proper right here’s what we’re capable of share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Tommy Vega and Reverend Trevor Parks’ Relationship

After Charles’ dying, Tommy doesn’t take into accounts sharing her life with one different man for a giant whereas. Although she considers getting together with a number of males, their connection alongside along with her doesn’t last adequate to develop right into a relationship since she hasn’t totally moved on from the recollections of her husband. However, it isn’t the case with Reverend Trevor Parks. Trevor meets her when she has lastly overcome emotional obstacles to welcome one different man to her life. “I think she [Tommy] is open to possibilities. I don’t think she’s put a name to it,” confirmed Gina Torres, who performs Tommy inside the assortment, to TV Insider.

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According to Torres, Tommy has grown from a mourning widow. “She [Tommy] had a beautiful marriage, so I believe that she’s looking forward to exploring what it is to be Tommy Vega woman as opposed to Tommy Vega mother, Tommy Vega paramedic, Tommy Vega wife,” the actress added. With Tommy open to welcoming one different man into her life, Trevor positively stands a possibility to complete up collectively alongside along with her. Although Tommy finds him terribly fascinating at first, the assumption that he’s a pastor at her church makes her rethink her plans. As a trustworthy churchgoer, she initially decides in opposition to relationship the individual of God.

In the second episode of the fourth season, Tommy overcomes her hesitation as she shares a kiss with Trevor. Even Torres doesn’t contemplate that in the top Tommy will decide in opposition to being with Trevor just because he’s a pastor. “Really, what does that look like for a woman that maybe doesn’t have as strong of faith — not that she’s weak on faith, but just in terms of being with a pastor, that’s a whole other level. Let me just be clear on that. She’s a hedonist in a lot of ways. She’s a lovable heathen,” the actress suggested Variety.

In Trevor, Tommy is predicted to hunt out anyone who’s admirably appropriate. As a father of a youthful girl, he’ll be able to turn into Izzy and Evie’s dad as properly. In addition, it’s going to even be simple for Tommy to get associated with Trevor’s daughter as a mother who has raised two daughters herself. If their daughters be a part of properly with each other, Tommy and Trevor won’t have many points that will forestall them from ending up collectively.

As far as co-creator Tim Minear is nervous, Trevor is an acceptable match for Tommy. “I wanted to give her [Tommy] somebody that felt like that that was a compliment to all her terrific qualities,” Minear suggested EW. “And when you think back on the relationship that Tommy had with Charles, it was sort of idyllic. So I kind of wanted to go down that road a little bit again, which is why we devised this character of Trevor. The idea of dating the new pastor who is a single dad just felt unbelievably wholesome to me,” he added. Considering Minear’s phrases, it’s evident that Tommy and Trevor’s union could also be very quite a bit doable.

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