2023 Governorship Elections: How Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies Have Performed So Far

2023 Governorship Elections: How Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies Have Performed So Far—-On Saturday, 18th of March, 2023, 28 states in Nigeria went to the election polls to elect new governors or return the incumbent to power.

Whenever elections are about to be held in Nigeria, one of the sectors that gets equal attention as the political is the religious sector. Men of God are known to give their predictions and prophecies regarding the coming elections and people always look out for them because they sometimes serve as directions for those confused about who to vote for.

Among the men of God, the most prominent who have consistently revealed winners of election for over two decades is Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church. He has not just consistently prophesied winners of elections, they have proven to be very accurate. His prophecies stand out above every other because he will not only say who will win, He will also explain how the winner will emerge, what the winner needs to do to win the election and this is not for Nigeria alone, there is no election that takes place anywhere in the world that Primate Ayodele doesn’t reveal the winner before the election.

For the governorship election that was held over the weekend, Primate Ayodele already revealed those that will come victorious in the election long before the election date and so far with the states declared by the Independent national electoral commission (INEC), his prophecies have performed wonderfully well.

Some of the states include:

1 Lagos: Primate Ayodele in videos shared on his facebook page before the election made it known that Governor Sanwoolu is God’s choice for Lagosians and that if any other person wins, the state will collapse. Even when there were so many uncertainties, Primate Ayodele spoke again that Sanwoolu is the right person for the job.

‘’If you give Lagos to any other person, the state will spoil. Let’s permit Sanwoolu. The youths should forgive Sanwooolu for whatever he may have done, he is the best person and will do better than his first term. The other parties know they can’t do better than him, Sanwoolu is the best person for Lagos, He is the choice of God for Lagosians’’.

As the man of God said, INEC declared Sanwoolu as the winner of the election.

2 Sokoto: no one would have thought the PDP will lose Sokoto state but Primate Ayodele had warned the party earlier before now. He raised an alarm that the APC will checkmate PDP in the state and that the election will be different from the presidential election.

‘’In Sokoto, APC wants to do something to checkmate the PDP there, the election will be different from the presidential election’’.

As the man of God said, INEC declared APC as winner of the election in Sokoto

3 Kwara : Primate Ayodele warned PDP before the election as he foresees APC retaining the seat. He urged the PDP to form a coalition if they want to win but they didn’t do it and the end result is their loss.

‘’ In Kwara state, PDP should wake up otherwise APC will take it. PDP should form a coalition if they want to win otherwise APC will rig you out and if they do, you won’t win in court’’.

As Primate Ayodele declared, APC retained the state.

4 Jigawa: Primate Ayodele warned APC to put themselves together so they can get the state. It’s obvious they listened to the prophet’s warnings and this led to the party’s victory.

‘’APC need to put themselves together in Jigawa otherwise they won’t get the state, there will be trouble for APC in Jigawa unless they struggle it properly.’’

5 Akwa Ibom: Primate Ayodele warned the candidate of YPP before the election because he foresees PDP going all out to win the state. This was exactly what happened in the election.

‘’If YPP isn’t careful in Akwa Ibom, PDP will rig you out. If PDP get it, you won’t get it in court so the best you can do is strive very hard. I am not seeing labour getting it in Akwa Ibom’’.

6 Ogun state: Primate Ayodele said before the election that Ogun state will still go to Dapo Abiodun as he doesn’t see the PDP candidate, Ladi Adebutu winning the election. True to his words, even though Ladi Adebutu tried his best, he didn’t come out victorious.

‘’ The lord told me PDP will not make an impact in Ogun state, it will still be Dapo Abiodun. APC will win Ogun state, Dapo Abiodun is the man that will win for APC.’’

7 Oyo: Primate Ayodele categorically declared that Seyi Makinde will win the governorship election in Oyo state no matter the circumstances.

‘’ In Oyo state, it’s still Seyi Makinde’’.

Just as the prophet said, Seyi Makinde retained his seat as the governor of Oyo state.

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