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90 Day Fiancé’s Nicole And Mahmoud’s Marriage Struggles With Religious Differences

In the newest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Nicole hid some potentially marriage-ending facts from Mahmoud. Nicole said on Sunday’s show that she had doubts about Islam.

The reason I’m so uneasy is that I’m experiencing somewhat of a crisis of faith,” Nicole explained. “I chose to become a Muslim, and Mahmoud never tried to push me to do it. Sometimes I wonder if my problems stem from my misunderstanding of Islam or from my failure to follow Mahmoud’s principles.”

Nicole and Mahmoud, their marriage is in trouble because she refuses to conform to his standards for a Muslim wife.

The couple’s arguments often center on their divergent views of what Nicole should and should not wear. While Nicole does choose to dress modestly, the clothes she wears are nonetheless too tight for Mahmoud. In addition, Nicole has decided, on her own, to stop wearing a hijab altogether.

“I still don’t know how to tell Mahmoud that I’m questioning my beliefs and whether or not it’s right for me,” she said honestly. “In my opinion, that could put our friendship at risk. Now on the verge of dissolution, I fear that my marriage will soon also end.”

They recently had a huge disagreement, and Faith was the cause of it (along with Nicole’s clothing). Even at that, Mahmoud threatened to call it quits on the marriage.

Nicole made a visit to see Mahmoud’s family despite their dispute, only to be questioned once again about her decisions.

While trying to find common ground with Mahmoud’s uncle and aunt by showing them a line of modest clothing Nicole had sketched out, the latter asked, “I can’t help but wonder why Nicole doesn’t wear a scarf when she comes over?” Nicole has a background in fashion and was hoping to show them the designs.

While teasing Mahmoud, Nicole’s other relatives also pointed and laughed, saying him it was his job to teach Nicole about Islam and encourage her to start wearing a hijab again.

One small step at a time, they told him. “But you’ll need to convince her. For it to be practical, she must first approve of it as something she would actually want to wear.”

While his uncle was stern, he was told to teach his niece the difference between right and wrong.

90 Day Fiancé's Nicole And Mahmoud's Marriage Struggles With Religious Differences

Mahmoud made an effort to convey his family’s advice to Nicole, but she was closed off since she felt that she had already given too much.

Nicole opened up about her firm adherence to principles in an interview. It’s nobody’s business why I’m not wearing the veil anymore, which is why I don’t answer when people ask me why I stopped. In other words, “I don’t want to be impolite.”

Yet, she said, “I’m upset and Mahmoud, and I don’t really want to be here right now.” Tune in to TLC on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET to catch 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.


In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Nicole is struggling with her faith and Mahmoud’s expectations of a Muslim wife. The couple’s arguments revolve around Nicole’s clothing and her decision to stop wearing a hijab. Mahmoud’s family is also pressuring Nicole to conform to their religious beliefs. As their marriage hangs in the balance, Nicole and Mahmoud must find a way to reconcile their differences.

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