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After Over 40 Seasons On The Air, How Much Does Survivor Rake In For CBS?

show like Big Brother, The Amazing Race, And American Idol Helped pave the way for future reality competition shows and create interest and structure in them. but that was Survivor It was the original reality competition show that created a stir not only in the United States but around the world when it aired.

Thanks to its exotic locations, there is a desire to see how people behave when they are forced to come up with strategies to survive in a sport that is both physically and mentally exhausting. happen, and do so without being voted on by tribal council or indiscriminately. Votes, viewers tuned in in droves. and it’s because of this Survivor It remained on the air for a record 44 seasons, earning a lot of money for the network in that time.

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After more than 40 seasons on the air, here’s how much Survivor Is in the rake for CBS.

How much did Survivor make for CBS alone?

When Survivor First airing in 2000, it was clear almost immediately that CBS had a hit on its hands. And because of this, the advertising revenue that came with the show became progressively more expensive as each season passed. As such, it was nothing new for reality shows to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars each season for the network.

first season of Survivor saw advertisers spend only $150,000 per ad. But, after the network saw how successful the show was, the number increased to $600,000 for a 30-second commercial in the season finale.

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The popularity continued as anticipation grew for the reality show’s second season, which premiered right after the Super Bowl.

As such, CBS increased the cost of advertising during the Super Bowl to approximately $2.4 million per 30-second slot, a huge sum of money for the corporation before the second season of the competition reality show debuted.

While CBS couldn’t get millions of dollars from an advertiser during a regular season SurvivorThe average price of a commercial was still quite expensive at an estimated $230,000 in 2008. This number eventually reached over $350,000 per commercial slot.

With hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in to see how the game would be played, it appeared that the fees paid by advertisers would only keep climbing.

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It’s not just advertising that brings in money for CBS during an episode Survivor, Product placement also plays a big part in the money earned by the show. This is because sponsors will pay millions of dollars to have their name featured prominently on a successful network show.

As such, during the first season alone, sponsors were paying $14 million to have their names displayed for viewing audiences. This number kept on increasing as the show became a success.

As a result of these large amounts of money coming in, and the fact that production Survivor Cheaper than other shows, Survivor Has been very profitable.

With a production cost of approximately $2 million per episode and a final prize of $1 million, it is small compared to scripted shows. This in conjunction with sponsorships has allowed each season of the wildly popular reality TV competition show to bring in millions, up to $166.6 million at the beginning of the series. survivor all-stars,

so, with 44 seasons Survivor Despite being on the air, some seasons being more popular than others, CBS has probably made billions of dollars Survivor Lonely.

Paramount+ has fan favorites for new and past seasons

Given that more viewers are turning to streaming services versus watching cable alone, which used to exist for ad dollars Survivor Has gone down in the last several years.

Therefore, Paramount, the owner of CBS, decided to put Survivor on both Network Television and Paramount+. This allowed the company to earn more money by adding the OG competition show to the reality TV lineup on the channel.

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Streaming ads can vary in price depending on the platform. For most, it costs $25 to $40 per 1,000 viewers. In comparison, television ranges from $40 to $200 per 1,000 viewers.

Even though CBS doesn’t have the same amount in sponsorships as network television, they are still able to make millions. Survivor Streaming on Paramount+.

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Members also pay a fee to be able to access exclusive content. Watching shows on Paramount+ requires $4.99 to $9.99 a month, and with 77 million subscribers willing to pay that amount, it’s no wonder Survivor is still part of the Weeknight Round-up 23 years after it premiered.

Survivor is still a ratings winner

cause that Survivor Due to the high ratings it is able to make huge amounts of money which keeps the show pulling. It appears because those high ratings are with the highly competitive 18 to 49 age group. Survivor And the money it makes for CBS isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Now, more than five million users who Survivor Have enjoyed the past several seasons, good numbers by today’s standards. However, the numbers the show used to receive in the early 2000s were upwards of 40 million for the season finale.

many people like to guess Survivor Not only can cancellations be caused by a change in the show’s format, but also because ratings are significantly lower than they were before the advent of streaming.

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These current numbers that the show is getting are good enough to win its timeslot for the ratings. The reality show is doing something right to keep viewers returning season after season, and with the return of viewers comes the return of advertisers.

The cycle makes for a happier CBS and an even happier parent company, Paramount, when the quarterly baseline is examined.


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