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Ajna And Launches ‘Inside Baseball’ Twitter NFT Activation — Ajna Games

Ajna, a new DeFi protocol created by a team of ex-Maker developers and strategists in partnership with, will launch Ajna Games this week. This Twitter activation celebrates crypto Twitter culture as a backdrop to a ruthless game of cooperation, collaboration and perhaps subversion.

Launch Movie:

How do Ajna Games work?

Ajna and have loaded up a new wallet with the blue-chip Pudgy Penguin NFT. on ajna twitter page, 12 challenges will be launched in 12 days. The winner of each challenge would receive one word of the seed phrase. The real game begins when all the words have been won. The 12 winning players must find a way to work together to share their words, unlock the wallet, and divvy up the NFTs. Of course, at any time, one player (or more) may attempt to cheat the others and claim the NFTs for themselves.

Each challenge brings some part of crypto Twitter to life through jokes, self-references, and a tour through various whistling communities.

Why are Ajna and Oasis doing this? will run the first frontend for the Ajna Protocol, and the game brings to life many of the key innovations Ajna offers over other “DeFi 1.0” lending and borrowing platforms. For example:

Markets set peer-to-peer rather than price prediction (easily manipulated or exploited). In the game, players must work together to determine a strategy for claiming NFTs, just like in Protocol.

The game also brings to life how NFT liquidation is handled by the protocol, reducing the efficiency of using smart contracts. If an NFT is liquidated in the Ajna Protocol, it can be liquidated at multiple prices. To be restructured and claimed, a user must buy the balance at the prices they were lent. In the game, we remove this efficient and immutable pay structure and leave the reorganization to the creativity and ingenuity of the participants.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Ajna on this fun and engaging campaign. We need more initiatives where users can have fun and engage with our dApps and protocols,” said Chris Bradbury, CEO of

“Ajna and Oasis are excited to launch Ajna Games and look forward to seeing how crypto Twitter will work together (and possibly against each other), all playing out in real time in everyone’s feed. Whistle Like a reality game show,” said Greg DiPrisco of the Ajna team.

about ajna

The Ajna Protocol is a non-custodial, peer-to-peer, permissionless lending, borrowing and trading system that does not require any governance or external price feeds. The protocol consists of pools with lenders and borrowers. Ajna expands the universe of accepted collateral tokens to be used within DeFi, allowing users to borrow and lend against almost any ERC-20 or ERC-721 token. There is no governance process or gating mechanism controlling which assets in the pair can be accessed. For more information visit:

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