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Aptera secures first fleet order for 101 solar EVs, with plans for 100,000 more in future

Solar electric vehicle start-up Aptera Motors has announced its first fleet order from Sustainability Sooner, Inc. Early pre-orders are for 101 of Aptera’s 400-mile range solar EVs and are expected to deliver millions in future revenue. However, what may be more exciting is the potential for future fleet orders as Sustainability Sooner eventually operates a fleet of more than 100,000 SEVs.

As one of the few remaining solar EV start-ups in the world and one of the closest to reaching scaled vehicle production, Aptera Motors has been pulling out all stops in recent months to ensure it continues to deliver on its loyal bookings. provide its potentially revolutionary technology to its holders. ,

While introducing its launch version Solar EV last January, Aptera’s cofounders shared that the start-up still needs hundreds of millions of additional funding to officially start production. A week later, Aptera launched its accelerator program to raise additional funds from reservation holders willing and able to invest at least $10,000 to secure their spot in the delivery line, with whoever donates the most Priority is given.

Last week, we shared the news that Aptera had ended the end-of-March deadline for the accelerator program, extending it until all 2,000 of the first SEV build slots have been bid for. Aptera shared that it intends to use those funds to purchase necessary production equipment that will be reimbursed through a recently awarded $21 million grant from the California Energy Commission.

Today, Aptera Motors is reporting that Sustainability Sooner, Inc. It has the potential to generate millions of revenue in the future due to the fleet pre-orders of Rs.

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Aptera secures first fleet order and many more are expected to follow

Aptera Motors today shared details of its first fleet order, which includes a pre-order for 101 of the start-up’s 400-mile range solar EVs. Although the reservation from Sustainability Sooner is non-binding, it is valued at $3.35 million in future revenue and represents the first of many more partnerships with companies seeking a sustainable fleet solution, according to Aptera.

Aptera may be off and running with a customer like sustainability Sooner in its Rolodex, as it’s already shared intentions to grow its initial fleet of 101 Aptera (learned a new word today) to more than 101,000 solar EVs as it continues its expansion across America. The start-up’s CEO, David Fuller, spoke with Aptera on pre-orders: Places First Fleet Order of Aptera as Aptera Builds the Most Climate Positive Vehicle on the Planet. The next mobility revolution must be a climate positive revolution. Our missions fit together like they were made. In our search for climate positive mobility partners, it was easy, in fact effortless, to see that Aptera and SustainabilitySooner.

SustainabilitySooner, Inc. is working to mitigate climate change through what it calls climateculture – the science and practice of cultivating plants and organisms with land management to produce clean, sustainable air, water and energy.

The company says its pre-ordered fleet of Aptera Solar EVs will be able to search and explore raw land without much hassle, then create “artificial” environments to map, plant and study the native plants and wildlife in those areas. intelligent robotic solutions”. Aptera co-founder and co-CEO Chris Anthony also talked about the start-up’s first fleet order:

We are grateful to have established our first fleet deal with, a change-maker embracing the solar mobility movement and empowering the community to make the world a better place. It’s great to see a forward-thinking company deploying this technology in such an innovative way. will continue to educate and promote sustainability by providing its subscribers with digital tools to track their reduced carbon footprints. If and when Aptera begins production of its solar EVs, they will certainly help the start-up’s journey towards healing the world’s climate, in addition to providing sustainable, long-range mobility to other fleet operations.

Aptera’s SEVs are still available for pre-order, and there are hundreds of slots open for the Launch Edition. In addition, reservation holders can avail discounted membership of with their reservation and avail 30% discount on their Aptera reservation fee.

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