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Arbismart Token Set To Grow 5,000% In 2023 – Cryptonomist

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The crypto market is highly volatile and any coin that can offer a steady, consistent return on investment will lead the pack.

Since the beginning of the year, a specific coinage has appeared in this regard. RBIS is the native token behind the ArbiSmart project, a financial services hub that enables users to securely store, exchange and buy cryptocurrency. The coin is on the verge of a huge jump in price due to various reasons, including the need for a reliable custodian of crypto funds with a reputation for reliability and stability, which is constantly being innovated and innovated new ways to generate crypto profits safely. is leading. ,

Main ArbiSmart Token Utility

The ArbiSmart EU authorized interest-generating wallet offers storage for 30 different FIAT and cryptocurrencies. For locking funds in a savings plan, you can earn passive returns of up to 147% per annum. The exact amount of interest you earn depends on your account level as well as the currency and term of your savings plan contract, which can be as short as one month or as long as 5 years.

The increasing demand for the token, there are many financial incentives for wallet holders to own RBIS, and they are steadily increasing the token value.

Your account status is based on how much RBIS you have, so the more RBIS you own, the more interest you will earn on the balance in Bitcoin, USD or any other supported currency.

If the savings scheme balance is in RBIS, the interest rate is three times higher than in any other currency. Those who wish to keep their savings in a currency other than the native token can choose to receive interest on the scheme in RBIS to increase their daily profits.

New Demand Drivers

The new exchange services were introduced at the beginning of the first quarter and are expected to have a major impact on RBIS demand in the coming months. Anyone who buys or sells currency through the ArbiSmart platform can get unmatched rates on transactions and earn guaranteed profits.

Whether the market is up or down, every time you sell crypto through the ArbiSmart exchange, you will be paid three times the market value on any of the project’s 25 different supported digital currencies, excluding RBIS. Paid ten times the market value.

To get the higher rate, you must accept both conditions – a minimum sale amount, which is different for each currency, and a vesting period of 24 months.

Let’s say your Ethereum has dropped in value by 50%. You can sell it through the ArbiSmart exchange, and not only ensure that the value of your crypto doesn’t depreciate further, but also make a profit on the transaction, earning triple the current market value.

For example, if you sell €650 worth of Ethereum, €1,950 will be credited to your account immediately, which will be available for withdrawal over 24 months. However, if you are selling €650 worth of RBIS, your account will be credited with €6,500, which you can withdraw as soon as the vesting period expires.

With the current boom in RBIS purchases through other exchanges, the limited token supply, capped at 450M RBIS forever, is under pressure, so buyers can sell coins through the ArbiSmart exchange for a guaranteed x10 profit.

Furthermore, when you buy crypto or FIAT through ArbiSmart Exchange, you can also get preferential rates on every transaction, up to 50% off the price of any supported currency you buy.

Discount options range from 10% to 50%. Conditions for receiving each rebate include a minimum purchase amount, a vesting period that is longer for higher rebate percentages and in some cases a requirement to hold a certain amount of RBIS for the duration of the vesting period.

As you choose a currency, you choose the discount percentage as part of the buying process. So, for example, if you buy €500 worth of BTC with a 30% discount, you will only pay €350, but after the associated vesting period expires, you will receive the full €500 worth of bitcoin.

These unique RBIS utilities are increasing the demand for the token and continuously increasing the token value.

Upcoming Game-Changers

In Q2 2023, ArbiSmart will drive token demand even further with the launch of an NFT marketplace where users can securely buy and sell non-fungible tokens.

ArbiSmart will also launch a DeFi protocol in the next quarter, offering a new spin on yield farming and never-before-seen gamification features. This new twist on the popular investment strategy will enable users to boost their APY with ArbiSmart Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), further increasing the RBIS value.

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