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Atelier Ryza 3: Fairystone Parts Assembly Guide

Fairystone Fragment is a bright blue crystal often found in mining areas in Atelier Ryza 3. This item falls under the magical category, and can be used to collect a lot of important items, including Ice Bombs, Emerald Wands, Energy Pendants, and more.

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Although the item is considered magical, it is very easy to find in a few different mines across the map. To pick up a piece of Fairystone for yourself, here are some of the best places to collect it.

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Beach tree villain

The first and best area to find lots of Fairystone parts bundled together is Close to Evileater Tree Shore. This teacher is Inside Sunken Mines, on the east side. When you arrive, you will be able to find Fairystone parts directly west and east of the Landmark, And if you head south into the next room, there will be more here. The entire area is teeming with the magical element, so you will definitely get your money’s worth here.

pristine mirror

pristine mirror is another location within Sunken Mines. You can find Maiden’s Mirror Landmark at the southern section of the sunken mines, and then Head east to find some parts of Fairystone nearby. If you are Go up the stairs to the west too, You will find a lot at the top to collect.

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blue spring life

the blue spring life It is a beautiful location in the Kark Islands, so it only makes sense that it would be surrounded by gorgeous glowing crystals. To get to this area, Open the Kark Islands and make your way to the Blue Life Spring Landmark in the western section of the region. from Landmark Go straight east, and You will discover some parts of Fairystone near the stairs at the entrance.

Land of the Three Swords

Another great place to find some parts of Fairystone at Land of the Three Swords. This area is home to a fearsome enemy, a powerful knight, that you will need to defeat in a side mission. Then, once you take it down, you’ll be able to more easily navigate the area and pick up some parts of Fairystone. Make your way to Landmark Three Stones, located in the southern part of the Kark Islands region. Once here, head straight west to find the item next to the Landmark.

East of the gazing hill of stars

The last spot where you can easily find some parts of Fairystone is east of Star Gazing Hill. To get to this spot, you’ll want to Start at Kark Isles and unlock the Star Gazing Hill Landmark At the northern end of the district. From here, there will be a file A small island southeast of Star Gazing Hill, Which will be the second brown spot shown on the map above. Climb over the rocks to pick up some Fairystone shards, as well as some glowing rocks.

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