Austria: Leader of migrant party demands that streets be ‘appropriately’ decorated for Ramadan

London has set a precedent that cities all over Europe will soon follow.

“Migrants demand: streets should be ‘appropriately’ decorated for Ramadan,” translated from “Migranten fordern: Straßen sollen zum Ramadan „angemessen“ geschmückt werden,” Unzensuriert, March 24, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

This year, from March 23 to April 21, Muslims will celebrate their month of fasting, Ramadan. During this time, according to the migrant party SÖZ (Social Austria of the Future), the city of Vienna should decorate the streets in the heavily Islamized district of Favoriten with “appropriate decorations.”

The chairman of the SÖZ club in the 10th district of Vienna, Hakan Gördü, suggested this Ramadan decoration in a broadcast. “We hope,” it says, “that the City of Vienna will comply with our request and decorate the streets of Favoriten appropriately.” Gördü also emphasized that this action would be a wonderful way to celebrate the city’s diversity and raise awareness of different cultures and religions. Of course, the requirement also applies to the religious holidays of other faith communities (Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali or Vesak).

The migrant party SÖZ would like to use the tax money of the Viennese to ensure that the streets of Vienna are designed according to their faith on their holidays. This could probably even be implemented under SPÖ Mayor Michael Ludwig. His political pandering to Muslims is similar to that of Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, who never forgets to congratulate “all Muslims” on the month of fasting. See “Twitter” post.

For the Viennese FPÖ club chairman Maximilian Krauss and the liberal district chairman in Favoriten, member of the state parliament Stefan Berger, the demand for a Ramadan decoration is an “incomprehensible provocation by the Islamist lobby,” which should be rejected in the strongest possible terms. In one broadcast they said:

While the discussion about crosses regularly flares up in the classrooms, Muslim festive decorations are now to be hung up in Vienna. Austria and thus also the federal capital is a Christian country in which freedom of religion is very important. However, this must not be misused for radical religious reasons.

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