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Avengers writer Jason Aaron is no longer exclusive to Marvel

Jason Aaron has found his home at Marvel for the past two decades. After years of writing runs on the likes bull And The Avengers, the creator is no longer exclusive to House of Ideas. Exclusivities are usually put in place to prevent creators from working with other for-hire publishers, such as DC Comics. Now that he’s not under contract, Aaron revealed that he hopes to focus on creator-owned books and other business employment opportunities for the foreseeable future.

“For the first time since 2008 or so, I am not bound by any kind of exclusive agreement with Marvel Comics. My deals were up late last year, and while I remain very happy with my relationship with Marvel and talking to them about another project, I chose not to renew my exclusivity,” he wrote. Aaron in the latest issue of his newsletter.

Aaron then went on to say that 15 years of working for pay is more than enough before saying he will “spread his wings” and focus on other projects for a while.

“I find myself enjoying a kind of freedom that I haven’t had in a very long time, being able to pursue whatever creative opportunities I choose. And I’ve been really busy pursuing a few. Haier.” “The division of my workload and time has really changed, as I’m more focused on new creator-owned work, while also looking to tackle some completely new work-versus-hiring challenges. In short, like I said, it’s an exciting time, an exciting time, you might say, And I can’t wait to tell you more about everything I’ve been doing, as soon as I can.”

All that said, it is bull The writer said he’s already talking to Marvel about another title, so the working relationship will continue. However, given his thoughts on the newsletter, it also seems likely that he’s started talking to the likes of DC about some potential projects with his newfound creative freedoms.

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