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Bing Chat inherits the text-to-image capabilities of the DALL-E. here’s what you need to know


Bing Chat was already leading the AI ​​chatbot space with OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 technology and full access to the web. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced its Bing Image Creator, a text-to-image generator powered by an enhanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model.

Image Creator will be present within Bing Chat, meaning that within the same chat session, users will be able to generate text and image responses. This is a big difference from ChatGPT and DAL-E2 which live on two different websites.

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The experience will at first be limited to Creative Mode in chat. To generate an image, a user only needs to input what they want to see with as much detail as possible. Users can include specific details such as location, activity, and artistic style.

Bing’s Image Creator will also be accessible in the sidebar of Microsoft Edge in the same way that Bing Chat is now. The image generator will have its own icon on the sidebar where users can type in their image prompts to render images regardless of where they are browsing the web.


To promote ethical image building, Bing will automatically block signals that may be harmful and unsafe. Bing will also include a watermark in the corner to clearly depict that the image is AI generated to avoid confusing the public.

Bing Image Creator is rolling out to Bing Preview users starting today. If you haven’t yet gained access to Bing Chat, you can join a waiting list.

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Even if you’re not interested in experiencing Bing Chat, you can still preview the image-to-text generator by visiting Bing’s Image Creator preview.

Microsoft is also rolling out new AI-powered visual stories and knowledge cards to all Bing users. When users search for something on Bing, they’ll get quick, concise, interactive infographics along with dynamic charts, graphs, timelines and visuals about their search, according to Microsoft.


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