Bizarre TikTok meme sees millions of netizens mourn the loss of a pig named John Pork

At the start of the week TikTok was obsessed with the John Pork is calling meme, but now everybody is talking about his death – so what’s going on?

The world of TikTok moves pretty quickly, and if you miss so much as a few hours of precious scrolling on the app – you could end up pretty confused.

For example, this week’s hottest meme has seen the discovery and subsequent so-called death of an imaginary pig send the internet up in arms, despite the fact barely anybody had heard of the made-up farm animal this time last week.

If you want to know what the John Pork is calling meme is all about and why people are mourning his death, but think it’s too late to ask your friends, here’s what you need to know.

John Pork is calling meme explained

John Pork is a computer-generated pig, who first began posing online back in September 2018 on an Instagram account with the handle @john.pork, though it is unclear whether the John Pork project was a sincere attempt at the creation of a virtual influencer, or just someone having fun with some animation software.

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And the subsequent John Pork is calling meme appeared to first surface on TikTok late in March 2023, when a number of accounts began to post videos that looked as if an iPhone was receiving a call from Mr. Pork, while asking viewers if they wanted to pick up.

There doesn’t appear to be a deeper meaning to the joke, or a hidden reference that you may not be picking up on. Rather, it’s just a viral video that people find funny because of its simple nature, and John Pork’s rather creepy-looking face.

John Pork’s ‘death’ prompts string of tragic TikToks

Unfortunately for John Pork, and the creator responsible for the original Instagram account, TikTok looks to have decided it’s had enough with the pig.

The latest development in the John Pork meme has seen users mourn his apparent death, despite the fact the person who created the character has not mentioned any updates of the kind.

The joke about John Pork dying centers around the idea that some kind of tragedy occurred, and nobody was around to help John Pork, because they wouldn’t answer his calls. Quite a sad thought, really!

The videos have several different audio clips attached, all set to sad background music, with some claiming that the pig was shot in downtown Atlanta, while others mention that “he was a great man, but nobody ever returned his calls”.

The best reactions to the pig memes

A ridiculous meme, it has to be admitted, but there have been some pretty funny attempts at the John Pork memes. Here are some of our favorites…

The joke that started it all off, do you pick up?

The late Avicci was able to bring everybody together, man or pig:

Some of them are pretty dark, like this video that admits it was all just a prank:

According to this account, John Pork was actually a rapper:

And to end on a positive note, the nation’s sweetheart, Caucasian James, failed to play it cool, after the man (pig) himself showed some love on Instagram:

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