British mum becomes TikTok famous 'Jelly Lady' with hysterical wobble board videos

There are lots of weird and wonderful reasons videos go viral on TikTok, but more often than not they have hilarious results. That’s exactly what happened with the Jelly Lady on TikTok, who even took her viral wobbles on Radio 1.

When people are laughing at you, you just want to hide away and pretend it never happened. However, if millions of people have seen the reason why, it’s harder to escape from. That’s why the Jelly Lady has fully embraced the giggles of her viral video and even showed it off on Radio 1.

Who is the Jelly Lady on TikTok?

The Jelly Lady’s real name is Jade and she’s a mum from the UK who was simply on a mission to lose some weight from around her stomach.

It was only the sixth video she ever posted, and she certainly never intended it to go viral in the way it has. After buying a vibrating board to help shift some baby weight, Jade took to TikTok to demonstrate how it works.

However, we’re not sure she anticipated just how wobbly it would be and her demonstration just had viewers in fits of giggles.

Though she’s trying her best, the wobbling is just too much and her body looks as if it has turned to jelly. What’s even more hilarious, is what the effects of the board do to her voice. Unable to resist, some commented that it sounds as if she was trying not to cry.

That, or an impression of our favourite animated dog.

“THE SCOOBY DOO LAUGH,” one commented, with most asking the question we’re all wondering, “How did the kid not laugh?”

Really, you’re supposed to stand on the board, but then we would have never got the Jelly Lady TikTok video. It currently has 6.9 million views and 1.3 million likes. Remixes have been made of it, and it even got featured on Radio 1.

Jade took her wobble board on Radio 1

After a clip of the viral video was played on Radio 1, as well as some remixes, Jade was invited on Radio 1 to play ‘wronguns’ with Greg James.

Of course, it wasn’t just her they wanted, but also the vibrating board too. The concept of the game is simple, you just need to answer questions incorrectly. However, it does get a tad harder when you’re lying on a board and your body has turned to jelly. Though you can’t really hear what answers the jelly lady is trying to give, we don’t think it matters.

Posted on to the Radio 1 TikTok for us all to enjoy, another 2.5 million have watched her play the game from her wobble board.

Greg can barely hold it together as she plays along, and clearly, listeners and viewers weren’t any better.

“I was in tears driving this morning laughing at this,” a fan commented, with another agreeing about how hilarious it was, “honestly never laughed so much as I did this morning. Comedy gold.”

Unfortunately for Jade, she will forever be known as TikTok’s Jelly Lady. Luckily, she’s fully embraced it and added it to her profile bio now.

Hopefully, the wobble board will be making more of an appearance on Jelly Lady TikTok. Even more, perhaps people will be inspired to give it a go themselves. A word of warning, it may not be particularly beneficial for losing weight. However, the fits of laughter you’ll be in might help!

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