Civil/public servants commend Edo govt, JOOPSA for impactful training


From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

The first set of public/civil servants in Edo State to benefit from the state government training for 10,000 workers have commended the exercise, saying it has broadened their knowledge in their areas of specialization.

About 300 participants who took part in the three day training, which came to an end at the weekend at the John Odigie-Oyegun Public Service Academy (JOOPSA), said the robust engagements in two courses, public policy and negotiation/conflict management were appropriate at this stage of their career.

Team Lead Ease of Doing Business; Edo State Investment Promotion Office, Osaze Ogbomo said he has been able to understand how to improve investment promotion and make business environment favourable for investors

He said, “We learnt about project management and it was very intensive.

“I was able to understand what I need to do in terms of investment promotion and also make business environment conducive for investors.

“During the training, we were able to come up with a structure of how to handle a public private dialogue.

“I learnt a lot in terms of compliance, frame work and how to create one.

“I also learnt how to manage my time and be able to work within timeline as well as deliver on projects,” Ogbomo said.

For Nafisa Nwaediriso from the Edo State Investment Promotion Office, she was exposed to things she was interested in knowing but didn’t have the opportunity to get training in the past.

She added,” The three days of training was mind blowing and amazing.

“I was there to unlearn so I can relearn. I was exposed to quite a number of things I did not know but wanted to know.

“I think what struck me was the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). So, it is better than what we have done before.

Irobo Confidence from the Electricity Regulatory Commission, Edo State said the training exposed him to conflict management in work place and how to relate with colleagues.

He said, “This training was wonderful for me.

“It has exposed me to how to manage conflict in a workspace and I was also trained on how to work with a key skill like negotiation, which made me understand that I have responsibilities in making sure that the workspace is perfect and in good condition for my activities and task given.

Jessica Obasuyi described the training as great and said the training can also be applied to their personal lives.

“This training was great. I learnt that we all are project managers.

“It is not only in the job that we can apply what we learnt at the training but also to our personal lives.

“I am grateful for the knowledge i have gotten and i’m looking forward to applying it to my personal life and my job, “Obasuyi said.

One of the facilitators and Managing Director, John Odigie Oyegun Public Service Academy, Precious Imuwahen Ajoonu while addressing the participants said the academy is passionate about impacting the right knowledge on civil and public servants, corporate organizations to enable them reach their goals, hence Governor Godwin Obaseki’s investment in the academy.

Imuwahen also used the training sessions to invite members of the Public and corporate organizations to leverage on the academy to add value to their workforce.

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