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Competence, suitability, not zoning ‘ll determine 10th NASS leadership – PDP members-elect

The Peoples Democratic Party  (PDP) House of Representatives  members-elect have said that competence, efficiency and suitability of a person and not zoning would determine the leadership of the lower chambers in the 10th National Assembly.

The members-elect also cautioned all political parties to be sensitive to the needs of the nation and ensure that the 10th National Assembly did not become a rubber-stamp in the hands of the executive arm of government.

Rising from a strategic meeting of the Northern Caucus of the PDP Members-Elect in Abuja at the weekend, the newly elected federal legislators observed that the legislature is the engine room of democracy and therefore the quality of its input would drive the process of policy initiation and execution, which only capable and experienced legislative leadership can guarantee.

In a communique signed by seven members , two from from each of the North Central, North East and North West under the leadership of Hon Dr Ali JC Isa, ( Balanga/ Billiri federal constituency of Gombe state), the members-elect said with all eyes on the legislature, it would be unfair to compromise efficiency and competence on the altar of zoning just for political reasons.

They all agreed to work together to ensure that competent persons were elected or appointed to occupy the leadership positions of the lower chamber of the apex legislature.

According to them,” it is the quality of the legislature that provides effective oversight for good legislation and effective implementation of government policies. We are, therefore, poised to make an additional difference to what is on ground to ensure smooth progress from where the 9th National Assembly will stop and return Nigeria to proper socio- economic footing and development. 

A sound and effective legislative leadership is what is needed in a democracy to sustain or midwife positive change and therefore we cannot be talking about the traditional issues of zoning which has often times retarded growth and development of democratic ideas because of week and imposed legislative leaderships”.

They urged themselves to keep the vision and work towards recruiting vibrant leadership when the National Assembly is inaugurated.

Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senator Usman Bayero Nafada who chaired the event congratulated the members- elect and informed them that the secret to legislative success and performance was unity. 

He charged them to familiarise themselves with one another as they prepare towards inauguration and ensure that they think together all the time for the progress of the nation.

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