Derek Clayton Missing Case: Is Australian Long-Distance Runner Found?

People want to know about Derek Clayton missing case. Former Australian long-distance runner Derek James Clayton was raised in Northern Ireland after being born in Cumbria, England.

In what is now regarded as a classic race—the first marathon ever ran in less than two hours and ten minutes—Clayton broke a world record for the distance on December 3, 1967, at the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan, finishing in 2:09:36.4.

At the Antwerp Marathon on May 30, 1969, he beat this time by more than a minute; for almost another 12 years, this time stood as the best in the world.

His best marathon time of 2:08:33.6 is still a top-tier time. Let’s get to know more about Derek Clayton missing case details.

Derek Clayton Missing Case

Derek Clayton Missing Case details. A new image of a missing senior who has not returned home to Poulton-le-Fylde has been issued by the Police.

Between 6 pm on October 3 and 10 am on October 4, Derek Clayton was last seen at the Cleveleys neighborhood’s South Promenade, between Queens Promenade and Victoria Road West. The 71-year-old is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and has gray hair.

Derek Clayton Missing case. (Source: Sport Australia Hall Of Fame)

When he was last seen, he wore a maroon jumper, a black jacket, blue pants, and black leather shoes. Derek is also known to wear spectacles, according to the Police.

Police in Thornton Cleveleys and Poulton are still looking for dashcam footage from any drivers on Cleveleys Promenade. As part of a new Campaign, they also unveiled a brand-new image of the elderly today (October 6).

Is Australian Long-Distance Runner Derek Clayton Found?

A Police spokesperson stated: “We are still requesting your assistance locating Derek Clayton, 71, who is missing from Poulton-le-Fylde. We now have a new photo of Derek.

We ask anyone driving on Cleveleys Promenade between Queens Promenade and Victoria Road West between 6 pm on October 3 and 10 am on October 4 to send us dashcam footage.

“Derek is said to be about 5 feet 6 inches tall and have gray hair. When he was last observed, he wore a maroon sweater, a black jacket, blue pants, and black leather shoes. It is also rumored that Derek wears spectacles.

“If you have any information, call 101 and reference log 0211 from October 4,” the message said. Call 999 in case of immediate sightings.

Throughout the whole 1970s, Derek Clayton held the marathon world record for fourteen years. Born in Northern Ireland, he immigrated to Australia in his early 20s to set the world record.

Derek Clayton Missing
Derek James Clayton is a former Australian long-distance runner. (Source: Runner’s Tribe)

His training regimen, which included 150–160 miles per week, allowed him to break the record twice, first in 1967 in Fukuoka, Japan, with a time of 2hr09min36, and again in Antwerp, Belgium, two years later, with a time of 2hr08min34.

However, there was debate surrounding this later record because it was believed the course was brief. Nevertheless, Rob de Castella managed to topple it in 1981.

He finished first in the marathon at the 1971 Australian Athletics Championships in 2:11:08.8. He again won the marathon at the Australian Athletics Championships two years later with a time of 2:12:07.6.

In 1999, Clayton was honored with a spot in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

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