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Diona’s best builds, weapons and squads

The first 4 new stars have been added to Genshin Impact after release in 1.1. Diona has been strongly supporting Cryo since her debut, even besting Zhongli before he had a buff of 1.3.

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Diona doesn’t deal much damage, but her shield and heal make her a great support for any team, especially with other Cryo units she’ll increase her Cryo’s critical rate with. But how should she build debt to support her team? Well, keep reading our guide to find out.

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Diona Best Build & Artifact Sets

Diona isn’t much of a DPS character, so all of her artifact collections focus on improving her as a Personal support.

4 pcs Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is Diona’s best collection, Because it will increase her ability as a support for her team. I’ll reward 2 pieces Increased elemental blast damage by 20%, Which isn’t impressive on Diona, as her blast isn’t often used for DPS. However, the 4-piece bonus The entire team’s ATK will increase by 20% for 12 seconds. Which would come in handy, since a lot of Diona’s support comes from her outburst, so she’ll likely use it a lot.

4 pieces Noblesse Oblige Party Buff does not stack, Which means Diona won’t synergize well with other characters she uses, such as Bennett, unless one unit changes her deck (4-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate is usually a safe option for any dash-based unit)

2-Piece Emblem of Severed Fate, 2-Piece Tenance of the Millelith

This build will benefit the team by increasing Diona Shield Strength and Healing by buffing her HP As well as recharging but may not be as useful as the Noblesse Oblige 4-piece set. The two-piece Fate Emblem increases 20% energy recharge, and 2-piece tenacity of milliliths Increases HP by 20%.

If you don’t have two pieces of Tenacity of the Millileth, you can also use two pieces of Maiden’s Beloved, which will It increases its therapeutic efficacy by 15%. This wouldn’t benefit her armor strength like Tenacity’s.

Diona shield strength and healing Fully expanded range from HPalthough you will too Needs some energy recharge to be able to use her basic blast constantly.

the tool

The main statistic

Sub stats

Eon sands

Recharging power, HP%

Recharge Energy, HP, HP%

Eonothem Cup


Recharge Energy, HP, HP%

Logos circle

HP%, healing bonus

Recharge Energy, HP, HP%

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Best 5-star and 4-star Dionna weapons

Diona takes advantage of any weapon with an extension power recharge stats, Which includes many of the standard 4-star Gacha weapons that can be obtained from any banner.

5-Star Weapon: Epitaph for the End

Elegy for the End is the only five-star weapon that makes use of Diona as a supporting character. At level 90, the Basic ATK stands at 608 with the 55.1% energy recharge rate. Yazid passive elemental proficiency by 60, which does not benefit Diona much. However, passive constructs also Sigil gets every 0.2 seconds when a character hits an opponent with the Elemental skill or Elemental Surge – even while he’s off the field. Once a character has 4 sigils, they will consume the sigils Increases a team’s Item Mastery by 100 and their Attack by 20% for 12 seconds. Once this is turned on, it cannot be activated again for another 20 seconds.

Diona’s Elemental Burst will deal damage at set intervals over time, allowing her to build these Sigils fairly easily, making them A great choice for her as a supporting character – Especially when combined with the 4-piece Noblesse Oblige.

The Elegy for the End is Venti’s signature weapon and appears on the weapon banners that run alongside it.

4-star weapons: Sacrificial Bow and Favonius Warbow

sacrificial bow It is the best 4-star weapon for Diona. At level 90, the sacrificial bow comes with a 565 basic attack and sub stat to recharge energy by 30.6%. The passive voice is incredibly useful; At Elimination Rank 5, when an elemental skill collides with an opponent, it has 80% chance to finish item skill cooldown immediately, Which can happen once every 16 seconds. This allows Diona to cast her skill a second time to create more elemental particles or to refresh the duration of her shield, which has a maximum duration of 12 seconds assuming all Ice Paws from Hits of the Hold Elemental skill.

The sacrificial bow is a standard 4-star weapon, which means you can get it from any banner.

Unless otherwise specified (as in Thoma’s Elemental Burst) shields will not jam, This means that casting Diona Elemental a second time will revive Duration and Absorption but will not increase Shield Strength. This also means that there is not much point in playing Diona alongside other armor like Zhongli or Layla.

Favonius Warbu It is another great weapon for Diona. Favonius Warbow at level 90 has a Basic attack power of 454 and energy recharge sub stat of 61.3%.. The passive voice (at refinement rank 5) has a 100% chance to create an extra particle when hitting an opponent with a critical hit from an elemental skill, Which can happen once every 6 seconds. This is not as useful as a sacrificial bow for creating more particles but will still be useful for getting more energy for Diona to use the elemental explosion.

Favonius Warbow is a standard 4-star weapon, which means it can be obtained from any banner.

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Diona’s best lineups

Genshin Effect: Team Deona Friese, Kamisato Ayaka, Sangonomiya Kokumi, Kaidehara Kazuha

freeze team

Diona works well as a support on any team that focuses on Cryo interactions, the most famous of which is Freeze.

On this team, Kokomi Hydro applies to allow Diona and Ayaka to freeze and Provide additional healing Combined with Diona’s Elemental Burst, which makes killing a party extremely difficult. Ayaka can do that Deals massive damage with its Elemental Burst, I will owe Increase the discount rate through cryo-resonance It will also help create particles for Ayaka to replenish her blast. Meanwhile, Kazuha Shredding the Cryo Resistance Using the Viridescent Cryo Artifact Kit while also Provide buffs to Cryo team damage.

This team can work with other units like Chongyun to replace Ayaka as Cryo’s main DPS. Xingqiu will work just like Kokomi to apply Hydro Freeze, and Sucrose will be able to shred Cryo Resistance just like Kazuha – assuming she has the Viridescent artifact set.

This team can also be Adapted to Melt Team by Kazuha is replaced by Xiangling. However, Ayaka can be somewhat frustrating to play on a thaw team, so Ganyu or Chongyun might be better choices (Ganyu won’t be able to run Freeze with Xingqiu, as Elemental Burst only coordinates with normal attacks, So Kokomi is highly recommended). Diona does particularly well in Melt Bands At Constellation level 6, thanks to the Elemental Mastery bonus you will give to allies in its explosion.

Physical/superconductive team

Physical teams are a niche style of play but still worth mentioning. Fischl will be able to stimulates superconduction enough with her basic skills, While Rosaria serves as a helpful Dps helper It can tear the physical resistance and increase the discount rate. Eula will be your main DPS thanks Huge amounts of physical damage that she can deal With Elemental Burst (although it can be substituted for Razor if preferred). Meanwhile, Deona will Provide shields and heals to give the team more survivability.

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