Diya: A fine soldier and patriot — Gen. Adisa Olarenwaju

Nigeria’s for Minister of Communication and military Commander, retired Major General Tajudeen Adisa Olarenwaju, had described the passing away of former number two man in the military regime of late General Sani Abacha, Lieutenant General Donaldson Oladipo Oyeyinka Diya (retd), as the national loss of a patriot, statesman, courageous officer and a fine gentleman.

He was jailed with Diya by their estranged boss in a phantom coup but escaped death with Abacha’s death in 1998.

Olanrewaju extolled the virtues of General Diya as a principled military officer with high intellectual disposition.

“His legal knowledge coupled with vast military experience, made him to excel on many fronts as a no-nonsense field officer or office administrator,” he said.

He further expressed heartfelt condolences to the nuclear and extended families, colleagues and friends of the “fallen hero”.

“General Diya would be remembered nationally as an iconic personality in the history of nation building in Nigeria, even though he was a officer,” he added.

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