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Domestic Violence: Felicity Varner tells survivors in abusive relationships not to take a partner back after she drowns in gas

Galveston, Texas (KTRK) – A woman in Galveston is warning others to get out if they are in an abusive relationship. She spoke to ABC13 after police said her husband violated a protection order, hitting her and dousing petrol on her.

Gino Weedman-Sosa has been booked into the Galveston County Jail and charged with ongoing domestic violence.

His wife, Felicity Varney, told Eyewitness News she wanted him to rot behind bars.

Varney pointed to the bruises on her body, which she said were evidence of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, 29-year-old Weidman Sosa.

“That’s where he grabbed me and pulled me into the bed,” she said, showing a broad yellow-purple mark on her left arm.

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This was not the first time that Weidman had accused Sosa of abusing her.

Sosa was charged in December 2022 with the suffocation of Varney. When he was released on probation in February, the court told him not to contact her. She said he did it right away via Facebook, and she felt bad for him and let him back into her life.

“He had nowhere else to go,” she said. “He kicked me out of my place, and I needed help with my son.”

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She said the abuse started a short time later.

On March 18, at a hotel on Varney’s birthday, the two argue after leaving the bar together. From there, Weidman Sosa poured gasoline on her and soaked everything she owned.

“He beat me and beat me, and somehow he took my clothes off,” Varney said. “I can’t remember. Gasoline poured all over my face, and everything was burnt. My eyes were burned. I couldn’t open my eyes.”

Now she has a warning for other women who are tempted to reunite with her abuser.

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She said, “Don’t come back.” “Don’t turn back because they won’t stop. They will keep moving forward and keep doing it. If you keep eating and letting it happen, it will never end. You will end up six feet under.”

Weedman-Sosa was awarded a $25,000 bond but is still being held in jail for allegedly violating the terms of his release from his previous abuse case.

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