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DPAT: BRIC economies set eyes on African growth

The economies of the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – are making significant investments in African markets, indicating a growing interest in the continent’s potential for economic progress. The growing trade and investment ties of these nations within the continent in recent years have opened up new commercial and investment possibilities.

For global investors, Africa’s young population, wealth of natural resources and developing markets present attractive investment opportunities. The continent is projected to see continued growth as BRIC nations pump money into their markets, providing new opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs to prosper.

What is the role of protocols such as the Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) in unlocking new markets for a diverse global audience?

BRIC Nations and Africa

There are many reasons for the growing presence of BRIC countries in Africa and their involvement in a wide variety of industries.

To secure your supply chains, gain access to some of the fastest growing economies in the world, secure contracts to build infrastructure such as roads, airports and telecommunications networks, or simply diversify your overall investment risk portfolio And there are a few names to narrow down.

No doubt each nation has its own ambitions, but the trends in African development are clear for all to see.

development trends

  • Africa has vast natural resources.
  • The African continent has a young and growing population, making it a major market for consumer goods.
  • Many African countries are undergoing political and economic reforms, making them more attractive for investment.
  • Africa has huge untapped potential for infrastructure development including roads, railways and ports.
  • There is a significant need for electricity and energy infrastructure in many African countries.
  • African countries are increasingly integrating into the global economy, offering new trade and investment opportunities.
  • The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) provides a single market for goods and services across the continent while reducing trade barriers.
  • Many African countries offer a favorable investment climate for foreign investors with tax incentives and other benefits.
  • A growing middle class in many African countries is driving demand for consumer goods and services, creating new investment opportunities.
  • Investing in Africa can provide diversification benefits for global investors, as African markets are relatively uncorrelated with other global markets.

Overall, investing in Africa can bring significant benefits to BRIC countries and global investors alike.

Introducing the Direct Asset Africa Token (DPAT)

Cryptocurrencies have evolved into major investment instruments and the average consumer is now privy to possibilities that could prove highly profitable but were previously only available to accredited investors and well-known venture capitalists. Not only do cryptos serve as trusted tools for storing value and international money transfers, they also enable regular retail traders to take advantage of the same lucrative opportunities as their better-equipped peers.

By launching a peerless Web3 platform that serves as a global real estate and infrastructure fundraising, investment and trading hub, DPAT is breaking new ground in the blockchain industry and leveling the field for the average person.

The DPAT NFT marketplace enables developers to access funds directly from global investors for their projects, whether they are involved in infrastructure, residential or commercial development projects. It provides a transparent direct route for international investors to profit from attractive emerging markets and a clear, easy and cost-effective alternative funding channel for developers to pursue innovative projects that address critical challenges.

DPAT creates and represents each development project with a non-fungible token (NFT), which is then fractionally divided and broken down so that more investors can buy a stake in the project of their choice or see the ROI value. The shares can then be sold, exchanged and traded on any NFT platform. Blockchain technology is the basis of the entire process and makes all investments transparent and traceable.

The DPAT team is initially focusing on key locations in cities such as Addis Ababa, Accra, Cairo, Lagos, Nairobi, Kigali, Johannesburg and Cape Town – to name a few, with the mid to long term goal of expanding presence across the continent. in the major cities of most of the 54 countries that make up it.


Finally, the investment of BRIC economies in African markets signals a new era of growth and development for the continent. With their increased financial support, African businesses can expect to see more opportunities for expansion and innovation. As more international investors look to Africa for investment opportunities, it is important that direct assets like Africa Token continue to create an enabling environment for businesses to flourish.

The focus of the global community on the continent highlights the need for continued collaboration between African countries and international partners to build a brighter future for all. With the right strategy and guidance, investors can expect to see significant returns on their emerging market holdings.

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Written by Michael Ibadan


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