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Dying Light 2: True Friends walkthrough

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  • Where does the “True Friends” quest begin?

In Dying Light 2, to survive the game’s harsh post-apocalyptic open world, the survivor needs to be on their toes at all times, especially as a parent. In the case of Nereus – one of the most prominent NPCs living in the Bazaar – that includes the responsibility of always checking on her Two boys, Scott and Moe.

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There are 2 side quests involving Nerys in the game. If you are determined to complete all the side quests available in the Bazaar, this guide will guide you How to do Nerys’ first single, “True Friends”.

Bring your most powerful weapon to this quest.

Where does the “True Friends” quest begin?

Somewhere along the main quest line, basically After “The Only Way Out” and “Wild Brother”, You may come across an interaction between Nerys and one of Carl’s henchmen (the bazaar leader) inside the bazaar. Join the conversationAnd you will discover that Neris is worried about her missing sons.

Finish talking to her, and the side quest will bring up “True Friends”. Remember to “track” the side mission Also, which will allow its task tags to help guide you.

immediately afterwards, Exit the bazaar and turn rightafter the walls. Near the end, you will Find Dominic, the only boy who wears a red hat. You may have met the boy many times before, outside the bazaar.

Dominic's portrait is in his usual place outside the bazaar

Talk to him. He’ll provide insights into Scott and Moe, but his many dialogue choices will It revolves around his pet dog, Buddy. After a while, Dominic will advise you to look for Scott and Moe Somewhere along King William IX Roadnear the “Maple” mill.

Scott, Moe and Buddy website

Follow Dominic’s advice and go to King William IX Road. Once you are close enough to the area, you will A loud dog barking is heard, followed by the sounds of Scott and Moe somewhere near it.

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Save Scott and Moe

Picture of Scott fleeing from the building in

On King William IX Road, Scott and Moe are located inside one of the adjacent buildings. Walk along the walls of the building on your right until you find an open window. Climb through it to enter the building, and Then fight your way through the idle zombies to get out the other side.

open window in

Find open to Access to the main entrance doors of the building. Once you open it, Scott will crash into you. After you order him to return to the bazaar, you have to enter the building to rescue Moe, who appears to be trapped somewhere inside.

A picture of the exterior entrance to enter the building

Beware, though. There will be Many viruses hibernate inside. Clear them all to make the return trip safer and easier later on. Once the coast is clear, Use the broken ceilings, ledges, and walls to climb towards the floor where Moe is hidingidentified by a semi-barricaded entrance.

The first group of injured inside the building in the city of
The door is half-barred in

after Enter the small area by crouching under the wooden barrier, you will see friends lying on the sofa to your right with an injury. Moe is found inside the room across from the dog, presumably after Buddy protected Moe from several infected people previously.

Portrait of friends lying on the couch in

Open the door and you will find Mo safe and secure. However, in order to let him return to the bazaar, you will need to Kill all new infected people who appear after this specific condition. Take them all out carefully, preferably one at a time, because some are strong, special types.

Moe's photo inside the building at
Goon's image is injured

After you dispatch all the enemies, go back to Moe. He’ll share details about why they were all in the building in the first place, which leads you to a dossier option:

  • Leave Buddy to die slowly of his injuries.
  • Kill the merciful friend to end his suffering.

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Return to Neris

Mo, Neris, Dominic, and Scott Pictured, right to left

With Scott and Moe on their way home, you do the same and meet them at the Neris’ house in the bazaar. Once in their dwelling, you can observe a conversation between Nerys and Scott, Moe and Dominic.

As the neutral party, you will then be asked to give your opinion on the matter, prompting three different options:

  • He tells Dominic that Buddy died saving Scott and Moe.
  • Exposing Scott and Moe’s actual involvement in Paddy’s death.
  • He urged Scott and Moe to explain the whole situation themselves.

Each option includes different cutscenes and cutscenes, but none of them will affect the main story at all.

Real Friends Completion Rewards

  • Combat: 750 XP
  • Parkour: 750 XP
  • 1 UV strip
  • 1 medicine
  • 250 Old World Coins

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