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Elon Musk provides update on who will keep the blue tick ahead of Twitter’s looming verification rollback

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Twitter boss Elon Musk on Friday gave further details on which users will keep their blue checkmarks after it begins revoking the legacy verified badge in April, a much-maligned move designed to bolster trust in the platform as it Rolls out your new payment for verification. system worldwide.

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Any Twitter account linked to a verified organization will be “automatically verified” Musk Tweeted on Friday.

according to twitter WebsiteVerified organizations can nominate “any person or entity associated with them” such as leadership, support handles, employees and brands.

Twitter said linked users would receive one of Twitter’s color-coded verification badges with an “affiliate badge,” a small image of the parent company’s profile picture that would lead users directly to the affiliated organization.

While organizations can enroll as many associates as they wish, each user will Cost They get $50 per month in addition to verified organizations’ membership fees of $1,000 per month, excluding taxes.

Individual users not affiliated with an organization wishing to list as an affiliate may tick their blue verification purchase Your subscription to Twitter Blue for $8 per month or $84 per year.

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Musk’s announcement comes as Twitter prepares to end its “legacy” Verified program, which kicks off Thursday Said On April 1 the “closing” will begin. The free program was used to authenticate users such as celebrities, politicians, influencers and journalists, as well as “notable” accounts belonging to wider entities such as companies, brands and governments. Musk has been heavily criticized for his decision to replace the prior system, which required users to validate their identity and affiliation, with a system that verifies those who pay to subscribe. . The system, called Twitter Blue, is now available worldwide, the company confirmed on Thursday, although several promised features are missing. While Musk has clearly made his intention to do away with legacy verified accounts, the legacy system remains in place for months after the platform’s disastrous initial attempts to introduce payment verification. In the absence of adequate rigorous checks and balances, the platform floundered as it was flooded with accounts from high-profile figures and companies including pharma giant Eli Lilly, Nintendo, LeBron James and former President Donald Trump. Along with Musk himself, his car company Tesla was also copied.

what we don’t know

Musk has been saying that since taking control of Twitter last October, a rollback of the legacy accounts is just around the corner. The billionaire is a well-known troll and the date, April Fools’ Day, could prompt a joke or turn an amusing date into a business announcement. Musk has previously made jokes involving the numbers 420 and 69 in business announcements. The figures are popular references to marijuana and sexual activity, respectively.

forbes valuation

$192.6 billion. According to, this is the estimated net worth of Musk Forbes’ real time tracker. after French luxury goods tycoon Bernard Arnault, who forbes Estimated to be worth $216.1 billion, Musk is the richest person in the world. The majority of Musk’s wealth is tied to the electric vehicle maker Tesla, which he co-founded and leads. Musk is also known for his other, generally futuristic-facing ventures, including rocket company SpaceX, tunneling firm The Boring Company and brain tech firm Neuralink.

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Meta, the parent of Instagram and Facebook, launched its own payment verification system in the US last week. Membership, which requires users to submit a photo ID to Meta, costs $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 per month on mobile devices. The system was first launched in Australia and New Zealand, where membership gave you increased visibility. Meta told The Verge that this perk is not currently on offer in the US.

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