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Elvis Presley’s “beautiful” scent described by the Sudden Awake actress | music | entertainment

Elvis Presley starred in more than 30 films during his career in Hollywood – and in those films, he also worked with countless actresses with whom he became very close. But one example on the set of Paradise, Hawaiian Style involved him getting very close and personal with one of his co-stars.

Elvis worked alongside Chinese actress Irene Tzu in the 1966 film, singing, dancing, and playing Elvis on the big screen again.

In her 2020 memoir, A Water Color Dream: The Many Lives of Irene Tsu, Irene explains that she and Elvis shared a tender moment after they fell asleep. (via cheat sheet)

After a tough day of shooting, Erin lay down and rested her eyes before bed. Noticing that she was missing from the group, Elvis chased after her. Erin said Elvis thought she was sick and needed some privacy, so he tried to take care of her. But when I woke up, I was met with a huge shock.

Erin wrote: “I opened my eyes…and Elvis was just 12 inches from my face placing a cold compress on my forehead!”

The actress explained the extent of getting up face-to-face with Elvis Presley, but what really caught her off guard was his scent. “When I came, I smelled a strong smell of baby powder and milk,” she said.

No doubt it’s an odd mixture of scents, but maybe this was Elvis’ signature scent while making the movies?

Having come to terms with what was happening, she made sure to remember every detail of the King of Rock and Roll: “I closed my eyes and every detail of his face and his scent burned into my mind. Wonderful! He had never met anyone who looked like Elvis. He was so beautiful.”

Erin also admitted that, at first, she didn’t think what was happening to her was actually real. “For a moment,” she admitted. “I thought I was hallucinating. No words came to my lips, but I think I managed to smile somewhat. When in doubt, smile. That’s my motto.”

Elvis eventually explained to her what he was doing – just trying to help a sick fellow (even if he got the wrong end of the stick).

As the film continues to shoot, Elvis and Erin develop a strong relationship. They were particularly attached to their Christian views. And before they parted ways for good, Elvis gave her some solid advice.

Elvis enjoyed influencing people’s lives, so when the shooting of Paradise, Hawaiian Style, ended, he sat Erin down and told her something she’d never forget. “Never let the light within you go out,” Erin wrote.

While she cherished the heartfelt advice, Erin felt Elvis didn’t follow through on it himself.

She noted that Elvis “let his light die” before working himself to death. She was, of course, referring to Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977, which occurred due to excessive use of prescription drugs and a poor lifestyle.

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