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Engaging Fire Emblem: Best Diamant Designs

A consistent theme throughout the Fire Emblem series is the presence of sword-wielding lords whose class is simply listed as Lord. There is some variety in these, like Eirika rocking the masculine presence, and Lyn and Hector offering some weapon variety, but these are the exceptions, not the rule. While Alear is the main character and wields swords, the character in Fire Emblem: The most traditional lord-like character is Diamant. Join your army in Chapter 8, and soon it will define itself as a resilient front-line fighter leading the assault, as is Brodian lore.

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With its excellent size and unique class, Diamant will prove to be one of the most powerful members of your army. With the right investment and strategy, he will survive the waves of corruption and stand by you against the Fell Dragon.

Growth rates

Although Diamant doesn’t break any records with his stat spread, he does have a solid growth in his important stats, aided greatly by his base class’s bonuses. His weaknesses are definitely dexterity and resistance which will require some consideration when planning strategies. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of dribbling practice by this point, as Lewis introduces this weakness and counterplay early on. Diamant will take advantage of his high health, strength, speed, and defense to be a high-damage machine, that can take hits without worry. He also has a good build rate of 9 with 15% growth, which means he will have no problem using heavy weapons, which increase his damage.

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The best seasons

Honestly, there isn’t much to talk about here. While some royals should consider other classes, since their signature class may struggle in some areas, Diamant and his brother arguably have the best of the two. Diamant’s personal class also supports his growth rates, giving him high proficiencies in both swords and axes and most importantly, giving him access to the class skill Sol.

A staple of the Fire Emblem series since the fourth title, Sol recovers 50% of damage dealt upon activation, providing the Diamant with the opportunity to heal during combat. The only catch is that the chance of activation depends on his skill, which is only about 30% in this class. Therefore, supporting Diamant’s Dexterity is crucial, as it will provide unparalleled resilience as long as it deals damage. If you really don’t want to use his character class for any reason, Wyvern Knight and Great Knight are two options that enhance his medium mobility.

The best weapons

FE Engage Inventory tab

With his highly skilled builder and successors, Diamant has plenty of options when it comes to weapons. Early on, he would probably use a steel sword best, be it refined or not. Patterns that enhance his avoidance are particularly nice to complement his size. After upgrading, Diamant will want to equip the silver versions of axes and swords, in addition to the usual hand ax or tomahawk. With his high attack, he can make great use of Brave weapons, and the Killer class is great for critical hunting. Finally, giving him a Diamant Hammer, Wyrmslayer, or Poleaxe can allow him to win tough matches.

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Best logo rings

Alear from Fire Emblem: Engage in equipping the Marth Emblem Ring

Although many players choose to leave Marth with Alear throughout the game, Diamant makes excellent use of the Ring, arguably even better than Alear. Marth’s Break Defenses skill allows the unit to perform an extra attack when an enemy is broken, which Diamant will benefit greatly from thanks to his access to swords and axes. In combination with Marth’s Divine Speed ​​Engage skill, Diamant can manage 4 single attacks, each with a chance to activate Sol. Furthermore, Marth’s dexterity boost helps make Sol more reliable.

Outside of Hero King, Diamant can find great partners in Roy and Ike. Roy’s Hold Out skill, combined with Sol, can create crazy survival feats, although this is very luck-dependent. Roy also provides resistance support, which supports one of Diamant’s weaknesses. For the ultimate defensive build, you should consider pairing Ike and Diamant. Ike’s Laguz Friend Skill reduces damage dealt by 50%, providing a more consistent means of surviving Roy. Together with Great Aether, Resolve, and Wrath, Ike transforms Diamant into a tank full of vitality with a good chance of healing health stacks.

best skills

FE Engage Marth Engage skill

Diamant has a plethora of powerful skill options to complement Sol, especially those that help him take hits or boost dexterity. His massive health also allows him to get great use out of Wrath and Vantage.




SP cost

Dexterity +5

Dex+ 5 awarded.

Lucina Bond level 19



If a unit has 25% health or less and an enemy starts fighting, the unit can counter before the enemy’s first attack.

Level Bond Level 5


Break the defenses

If the unit’s attack breaks the enemy, the unit deals an additional attack with 50% damage.

Marth Bond level 5



When you start combat, +1 Crit point is awarded during combat for each HP you lose. (Max +30)

Ike bond level 13



If a unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grants Def/Res +5 as long as the unit’s health remains below 75%.

Ike Bond Level 5


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