Ex-Army General warns Church leaders against politics of religion

A retired General in the Nigerian Army, Prince Olu Bajowa, has warned Christians, particularly leaders of Churches, against politics of religion, warning that such is a threat to the fragile peace and unity of Nigeria.

He said the nation must live in unity and hope for a better future, stressing that the bond of unity that exist in the nation and the body of Christ should not be compromised.

Bajowa made this known during the 90th Founding Day Anniversary Thanksgiving Ceremony and N50 million Fundraising for the renovation of Mission House, tagged: “The Lord’s Foundation Standeth Sure” held at at the Holy Cross Church of Cherubim & Seraphim, Ilutitun, Ondo state.

He said: ” There is no doubt that our beloved country is now in dare need of revival and reawakening in all facets of life!

“I honestly appeal to all religious Leaders, particularly Christian leaders, to spread and promote the principles of peace, the love of Christ, patriotism, and tolerance among our people, and across the diversities of our great nation, to enhance mutual understanding and harmony, with a view to minimising conflicts among our people.

 “We the people of Nigeria, must understand that making conscious efforts to reach common grounds on sensitive issues, is the key to nation building. This cannot be achieved without dialogue and negotiations, based on mutual respect and the spirit of give and take. This is the only way to break the artificial barriers of religion, politics, language, and ethnicity.”

He noted that as a retired General of the Nigerian Army, and someone who at some point held the defence line for the nation at the legendary “Ore Battle,” during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war, the Church ought not to be partisan at all, under whatever situation or circumstance.

“I recall that when we were fighting for the unity of Nigeria, with the slogan “To keep Nigeria ONE is a task that MUST be done,” there was no religious divide among us! Even now, there is still no need for any division along religious lines. Indeed, no society can survive a religious war!

He further advised that the Church across nation and across the continent of Africa generally should have a re-think on their involvement and investment in partisan politics!

Bajowa added that church should be apolitical and concentrate on its primary business of maintaining spirituality and salvation of souls, while continually preaching against social vices.

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