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Express Awards: Eminent jury headed by Deepak Parekh and Indra Nooyi share insights, congratulations to the winners

When experience speaks and domain dons exchange insights, solution-based thinking kicks in. That was one inevitable takeaway from the power-packed sessions that ended this Friday evening with the Express Awards for Women Entrepreneurs or just the ExpressAWE for many attendees.

Following a welcome address by Roshan Powai, Editor, Financial Express Online, who shared a taste of what is to unfold, Jayanthi Dalmiya, National President, FICCI Women’s Organization (FICCI FLO), spoke about how women’s contribution reaps rich dividends for the nation. Economic development increases. Sanjay Sindhwani, CEO, Indian Express Online shared the imperatives that drove the establishment of ExpressAWE in partnership with FICCI FLO last year and how Financial Express Online felt the need to not only recognize and honor women entrepreneurship but also provide a complete package Also felt the need to offer. , Helping some of the best entrepreneurs share insights and broaden horizons on what lies ahead and let women entrepreneurs trust their gut and make informed decisions.

Lifetime Achievement: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon Ltd. and; Biocon Biologics Ltd

Starting there, Indra Nooyi, author and former president and CEO of PepsiCo, and Anant Goenka, executive director of the Indian Express Group, discuss a wide range of factors that promote and hinder female entrepreneurship.

She began by discussing the important role that affordable childcare can play in helping parents maintain their paid work. This is one area that is occupying Indira Nooyi’s attention at the moment, apart from many other things that occupy her mind.

Social Impact: Shaheen Mistry, CEO, Teach for India.

Here are some excerpts from her invaluable insight: In the context of India, she felt that “some kind of maternity leave fund should be created at the government level.” Citing the example of America, he said, “The one thing that works in America is the social security system and the medical care.”

In a world dominated by men, especially in the field of venture capitalists or investors, she felt, “we have to change the mindset of men”. It is for them to see merit in “evaluating the idea and not the gender behind the idea”.

Fitness: Vandana Luthra, Founder, VLCC Group.

He did not see the current narrative on US unemployment and economic challenges as a correct reading of developments there and pointed out that “everyone is focusing on tech layoffs, but then we also have 11 million jobs in America.”

She sees India as a bright spot and feels, “If India can get its investment in infrastructure right and looking at what it is doing, India could be unbeatable in the next decade “

Hospitality: Kainaz Messman Harchandrai, Founder & Creative Director, Theobroma.

There was much more to the conversation but then it may be worth noting that Anant Goenka engaged with the Grand Jurors for the Express Awards for the ‘Established Category’ people – entities that have been in existence for more than a decade more than. It was a discussion around ‘her power’ and what both women and men should take care of and avoid.

Finance: Soumya Rajan, Founder and CEO, Waterfield Advisors.

The grand jury members in discussion with Goenka were – Jia Modi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AZB &; Partners and Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson, Thermax. Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice President, Apollo Hospitals and members of the grand jury also joined later. The Grand Jury was headed by Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC Ltd.

Promising FICCI FLO Entrepreneur (Selected by FICCI FLO): Dr. Harjinder Kaur Talwar, Founder & CEO, ComVision Group

A link node was underway to align women’s interests with opportunities at home and create awareness about where to start. The discussion covered a range of aspects that have impacted women entrepreneurship – be it the urban-rural divide in mindset and its role in empowering women over a wallet of maternity and paternity leave options, and why this could be motherhood. A case-by-case approach should be more flexible in deciding on matters relating to leave or working from home. Jiya Modi, who has been an advocate of having KRAs for HR managers on retaining women in the workforce, says she has gone a step ahead in designing briefs for recruiters to ensure that 40 to 50 per cent candidates Can do, those who get jobs. Engaged with HR are women. The discussion was really about providing early supporters to ensure fair play and all men and women get a chance to present themselves and then let the most meritorious win. Deepak Parekh felt that encouraging women entrepreneurs was not only the right thing to do but good for the future of the country and that talent is available today, as well as the will and ability, the only difference was knowing how and where to go launch. Agreeing, Zia Modi felt that educating men would play an important role because if more of the Australian concept of ‘male champions of change’ could be imbibed, a lot could change.

Meher Pudumji and Deepak Parekh both saw technology as a great enabler of change. Pudumjee explained how the post, triggered by COVID and technology that made working from home a possibility even for construction companies, saw it encourage many women to return to the workforce after the pullback during the pandemic . However she saw the need for a more enabling policy environment on maternity leave as it should not prevent men from hiring women. Although none of them were of the view that women needed any special treatment and that it was merit that mattered, Zia Modi initially felt that given the social structure, more could be done for women. Is. As women start feeling empowered, it will have a ripple effect as they will have a greater role in educating the girl child.

After a very in-depth discussion, it was time for the most awaited part of the evening – The Express Awards for Women Entrepreneurs:

Here, the winners were:

E-commerce: Anita Lal, Founder and Creative Director, Good Earth.

Social Impact: Shaheen Mistry, CEO, Teach for India.

– Education & ; Skill Development: Leena Ashar, Founder Emeritus, Kangaroo Kids.

Fashion and Lifestyle: Meera Kulkarni, Founder and Managing Director, Forest Essentials.

Finance: Soumya Rajan, Founder and CEO, Waterfield Advisors.

Pharma: Suchitra K. Ella, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Bharat Biotech International.

Wellness: Vandana Luthra, Founder, VLCC Group.

– Hospitality: Kainaz Messman Harchandrai, Founder & Creative Director, Theobroma.

Legacy Spin Off: Lakshmi Venu, Joint Managing Director, Sundaram-Clayton Limited and Deputy Managing Director, TAFE Motors & Tractors Limited.

– Lifetime Achievement: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Executive Chairman, Biocon Ltd. and; Biocon Biologics Limited.

– Promising FICCI FLO Entrepreneur (Selected by FICCI FLO): Dr. Harjinder Kaur Talwar, Founder & CEO, ComVision Group

In addition, there were winners for the ‘Growing Category’ – enterprises in existence for less than a decade – and these were selected by a jury consisting of members who were award winners under the ‘Established Category’ last year And they include – Amira Shah, Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare; Anita Dongre, Founder of House of Anita Dongre; Anu Acharya, CEO, MapMyGenome; Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder and Chairperson, Maan Deshi Bank and Maan Deshi Foundation; and Lavanya Nalli, Vice-Chairperson, Nalli Group of Companies and winner of the Legacy Spin-Off Award last year.

The winners in the rising category were:

Travel & Hospitality: Ankita Sheth, Co-Founder, Stavista Pvt Ltd.

– Health & Wellness : Shouravi Malik & Meghana Narayan, Co-Founder, Wholesome Foods Pvt Ltd

Fashion & Lifestyle: Rachna Jaiswal, Founder/Director, AKJ Industries Pvt. Ltd.

– Technology: Prerna Kalra, CEO & Co-Founder, Cinnamon Technologies Pvt Ltd

Education & Skill Development: Vidhu Goyal, Co-Founder, WONK.

Education & Skill Development: Pooja Sharma Goyal, Co-Founder, COO, Aavishkar.

Social Impact: Khushbu Jain, Co-Founder & COO, Impact Guru Technology Ventures Pvt Ltd.

The evening concluded with vote of thanks by Malu Natarajan of FICCI-FLO National Governing Body.


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