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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves He has an absolutely amazing A-list actor appearing in an unexpected role. The movie includes an appearance from Guardians of the Galaxy Actor Bradley Cooper, who plays Michelle Rodriguez’s character Marlamine’s ex-husband. Marlamin is a halfling (D&D equivalent of The Hobbit) who lives in the town of Longsaddle. The film established that Holga fell in love with an “outsider”, which led to her being banished from the elk tribe, although the fact that Marlameen is one half of the family and so is Bradley Cooper is not revealed until Holga arrives unannounced at his home. The scene sees Maramine sweetly sleeping any chance of rekindling his relationship with Holga, as he marries another large Berber woman. Maramine wishes Holga well and sends her with a staff she gave him as a gift, which is later revealed to be a useful magic item.

The cameo was a surprise even to Michelle Rodriguez, who originally filmed the scene with a different actor. British actor/director Dexter Fletcher mentioned in a podcast interview over a year ago that he filmed a scene with Rodriguez playing her ex-husband and was replaced after the fact. Apparently, Rodriguez didn’t find out about Cooper’s presence in the movie until much later. It was originally another actor [in that scene]”,” The actress told Yahoo Entertainment. they added [Cooper] After the incident then tell me about it. So I said “what?”

Cooper’s cameo was brought in thanks to his relationship with Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Co-Director John Francis Daley. The couple was in Kitchen secret together and kept in touch after the show ended.

Of course, Cooper has at least one other connection to Dungeons & Dragons – for him Guardians of the Galaxy Co-star Vin Diesel is a fan of D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves out now.

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