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Get Ready for SnyderCon 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Justice League Event

SnyderCon 2023 of Zack Snyder is the latest event that everyone is awaiting and you can’t miss it for sure. The event is approaching nearer and everyone is excited to know about it. Well, if you are curious to know about it too. Then here we have everything you can know. So, when is SnyderCon 2023 to take place?

Read ahead to know more about SnyderCon 2023 event and all the updates on the same.

Zack Snyder’s SnyderCon 2023 event dates

The SnyderCon 2023 event of Zach Synder has been much awaited by all the fans. Well, this year we are going to have it. If you are excited to know when this event is to take place. Then you can get it to take place in the last weekend of April 2023.

But that’s not all, we have this SnyderCon 2023 to bring a lot of surprises for all. As three of the much-awaited DC projects are going to be the highlights of this event. Hence, don’t miss being a part of the much-awaited SnyderCon event of 2023.

What’s going to be special about the SnyderCon 2023 event?

The Zach Synder’s SnyderCon 2023 event will bring three upcoming DC projects Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and the IMAX premiere for Zach Synder’s Justice League. Not to miss, Man Of Steel is releasing on 28th April.

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming out on 29th April and finally Zach Synder’s Justice League is to come out on 30th April. The SnyderCon 2023 event is to take place in California.

What’s important to note down is that The Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice screenings is to take place in Art Center College Of Design, Pasadena. While the screening of Zach Synder’s Justice League IMAX premiere is to happen at Universal City Walk.

Tickets details for SnyderCon 2023 event

If you are willing to know when and where you can find the SnyderCon 2023 event tickets. Then you can have the single-day tickets for the event to be available on March 24th.

While the three-day tickets for the SnyderCon 2023 might be limited because of a lack of space. For detailed information on tickets, you can check the Twitter handle of Zach Synder or Synder’s Vero.

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