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Haredi tech startup founders showcase their innovations in London

The creators of a startup that uses AI to help readers with dyslexia and another that recycles baby bottles to help premature newborns in hospital were among those who presented its technology companies at a showcase in London on Monday.

The exhibition was unique in that the founders all come from the Israeli ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) community, an area that is generally less engaged in technology.

Twenty-one ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs pitch investors as part of the BizLabs ‘Skelator’ program, designed to help Haredis in Israel scale their startups.

Israeli-Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) tech startup roadshow in London (Credit: Dudy Braun Photography)

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Avram Sheinfeld, CEO of NovoTalk, a 24/7 speech therapy service that helps people with speech disorders, based on a real-life training platform that allows users to sign up and undergo therapy whenever they want Expresses excitement about performing at the London event. ,

“Ultra-Orthodox entrepreneurs face many challenges, such as understanding the product needed, exposure to investors, language barriers, and more,” Sheinfeld said. BizLabs Roadshow mentors to provide us hands-on help, network opportunities, training and personal, while serving our religious needs. With this London event, we look forward to a quality audience and of course support from across the UK, which is definitely exciting.

Other companies include CyWat, which has developed a platform for real-time water quality and safety monitoring, and ShenAnally, an ed-tech company that provides an interactive reader that reads books and articles aloud and listens to the audience. serves as A digital tutor.

Motti Eichler, who runs Achim Global, an entrepreneurship training initiative based in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem for Haredi entrepreneurs, echoed the anticipation.

“It is remarkable to be part of this London roadshow, seeing the start-ups we have supported connect with UK VCs, potential investors and businesses,” he added. “Our goal with BizLabs is to be the leading platform in Israel to nurture and develop startups within the Chardi community, and this event in London has certainly helped.


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