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How to collect rare ingredients

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  • How to find rare ingredients

Assembling components is something you’ll do a lot in Atelier Ryza 3, as they’ll be the backbone of the items you create as you compose. Each ingredient has different attributes and quality, but there is one way that you can get the highest quality ingredients most often.

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Enter rare ingredients, which you will be able to find occasionally in certain areas of the map. These will automatically be of higher quality, and sometimes they will have super attributes that you can bring to the items you synthesize. Here’s how you can research these rare ingredients for yourself.

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How to find rare ingredients

In order to discover the rare components, you will need to pay attention to the icon above the redeemable component. If it is white, then it is a normal item, But if it’s gold, you’ve found yourself a scarce ingredient. It will also have a bright golden luster around it, making it easy to spot.

When searching for rare ingredients, you will usually find them Spread around large areas with regular components surrounding them. Also, if you find a rare item in one place, more often If you return to the area, there will still be rare ingredients to collect. So, take a note of these websites when you find them if you want to come back for a quality copy of the component.

Now that you know how to discover the rarest ingredients in the world, we’ll spare you some Early game locations for rare components.

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Rare component sites

Use these sites to find them Rare ingredients in the first few locations early in the game. As we find more rare ingredient locations on the map, we’ll update them here.

Flower Ring – Pixie Forest

Photo of rare healthy flowers in the Pixie Forest at Atelier Ryza 3.

Make your way to Landmark ring flower It is located in the Pixie Forest district. You will find a couple Rare healthy flowers Here, surrounded by a few more enemies.

Far Bank Beach – Traveler Road

A rare nectar rock at Far Bank Beach, Atelier Rizza 3.

Take Far Bank Landmark Beach On the traveler’s way to reach this area. There will be a few different rare ingredients here, with some of them Big nectar rocks particularly.

Sealed Altar – Hidden Cave

Photograph of a rare eroded stone in the sealed altar of Atelier Risa 3.

arrive to Sealed altar In the Hidden Cove area. Here, there will be a lot of enemies so make sure you are prepared. You will find a few Corroded stones are rare about here.

Goat Pasture – Corken Island

A rare captive wheat in a goat pasture at Atelier Reza 3.

the Landmark grazing goats It can be found towards the southwest of the Corken Island area. When you arrive, there will be full scope for Nader and families of wheat to congregate.

Evileater Tree Shore – a sunken mine

Photograph of a rare palma fruit on the shore of the evil tree in Atelier Risa 3.

In the Sunken Mine area, make your way to Effilator Tree Shore Landmark. Once you arrive, there will be a couple Palma fruit is rare Right in front of you.

Maiden’s Mirror – The Sunken Mine

Photograph of a rare ancient column in the Maiden's Mirror in Atelier Risa 3.

In the southwestern area of ​​the Sunken Mine, you will find Mirror Mirror Landmark. Around this area you will find some Old columns are rare to collect and add to your collection.

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