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How to farm Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, and Legendary Shards in ‘Destiny 2,’ the only real currencies left

Destiny 2 has mercifully slimmed down its vast array of currencies lately, as with the last few seasons and the Lightfall expansion. Planetary materials are now gone, as are essentially every type of crafting material minus a slack or two.

As such, there are now three main pillars of the economy in Destiny 2: Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, and Legendary Shards. Essentially everything costs one of these, if not all three, from crafting perks to upgrading modules, and players may be finding themselves short on them when they never had them in the past. So I want to do a guide that I really never thought I would need to do, tips on how to farm all three.

Prabha – It has the most options, which is good considering how much you might be spending these days.

ghost mod – First and foremost, the key to getting a lot of brightness is to put the 65% increased brightness gain on the Ghost mod which will increase gain from all sources except a few that I’m about to list. I essentially always have this after I hit 100 in the season pass and don’t care about rank.

Rahul – Rahul still sells Glimmer in 10K chunks for the old Planet Mat if you have any left, but there are also old, very irrelevant currencies from previous expansions like Shadowkeep and Beyond Light and Forsaken. He also sells Glimmer for the legendary shards, but you can get smaller than that and don’t want to spend them.

World Chests and Material Nodes – With Glimmer Gain mode, if you put on Treasure Hunter to show you all the locations of chests and nodes, you’ll get 500-1000 Glimmer from each of them, which is usually the case if you’re doing something like Neomuna, then there is quick profit. Patrol stuff.

heroic public events — far and away, it’s the fastest and easiest source of brightness now, even if we’re tired of running into them after six years. With the Ghost mod, you can get around 14,000 luminance from the Heroic Public event. Choose the ones that are the shortest (i.e. not the one with the Fallen Glimmer drill) and if you time it right, not only can they be done in 2-3 minutes, but you can sometimes reload in a single activity Can do and do it in two takes. Almost immediately a line flickered for 30K.

rainers – Christ, these things. Maybe keep them always on, as with mods, you’ll get a good amount of idle brightness over time. But yes, they are idiots and should be degraded.

other activities – With the Ghost mod, I’ve found other activities like all playlists are going to give you around 3K brightness per crucible match, normal strike, gambit game, etc.

enhancement core – Not only does it cost one for each upgrade module, but it now costs 17 for a focused crafting frame and 3 for the normal perk you apply. They go fast now.

Banshee – The easiest, most consistent way to get these is from the Banshee Bounty, 4 kills per day for 12 cores for three characters with just a handful of weapons each.

Rahul – it’s useless. He charges 30 Legendary Shards per core which is a total scam. I wouldn’t do this unless you are drowning in pieces.

drops/solution – You can get cores randomly with legendary drops or when destroying legendary items, but it is not predictable.

lost sectors – Legend Lost Sectors now give a few cores at a time, but considering how inefficient they are to farm as the difficulty increases, it’s not a good farm.

matterwives – Christ (again), these things. Another thing Bungie needs to kill, but always try to have an active one and more or less your first orange bar will spawn a core after the kill.

Ghost Modes – The best of these is the Crucible which gives you cores after hitting a headshot on the spot. Otherwise, you could do something like upgrade module drops in Gambit or Strikes, given that it’s essentially a core and shine at the same time.

legendary shards – Yeah uh, not much here, unfortunately.

demolished – This category is essentially just an investment of pure time. How much are you playing to get legendary drops, which require you to have four pieces in one piece? If you play a ton like me you may have quite a bit (12K) built up, but if you’re obsessed with new abilities focusing on vendors, you’ll have spent a ton of your stack. There is no best way to avoid this. I’ll say things that happen To all The veterans are now opening the Neomuna Terminal Overload chest or the Defense Battlegrounds double chest with the keys. This is usually four legendary drops at a time, and if you heal them all, that’s 16 shards at a time.

Am open to other suggestions for farming methods that I may have missed.

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