I Am Glad You No Longer Respect Me – Ezekwesili

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has responded to a Nigerian man who said he had lost the respect he had for her.

The Twitter user explained that he lost all respect for her after she became involved in one-sided politics.

He wrote, “You actually lost your respect when you dipped your hands in one-sided politics. You can learn from Hill Climbing Heuristic and other metaheuristics. Retrace your steps and have peace. Stop being a fake alarm-heuristic evaluator. You see nothing good in other tribes.”

Responding, Ezekwesili pointed out that she doesn’t value the respect of those who detest good governance and more so it pleases her enormously that he doesn’t have respect for her.

She wrote, “It pleases me enormously that you don’t.

I place zero value on “respect” by people who detest Truth, Citizens Voice, Good Governance, Transparency, Honesty, Public Accountability, Character, Competence, Capacity, Equity, Empathy and such like.

“Summary: Ajibola (Ph.D) defines respect as living in South Africa and wanting to foist unbroken Bad Governance from the #SiameseTwinsofBadGovernance on his compatriots that live in Nigeria. Pele o, Ajibola.

“I don’t value the respect of those who detest Good Governance.”

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