India: ‘Converting Brahmin girl to Islam is like performing haj,’ Muslim family gloats after luring Hindu girl

Instances of Love Jihad, or Grooming Jihad, have become an everyday occurrence in India; the dead or injured bodies of Hindu girls who had loved and married a Muslim boy assuming him to be “not like the others” cease to raise any eyebrows. The apologists continue to defend Islam, Muslims state that religion has nothing to do with the brutal endings of these women, and the naïve ones continue to fall into the trap.

However, it becomes hard for Islamic apologists to refute when a Muslim man, having trapped, abused, and deserted a Hindu woman, admits that he did all this for the love of his religion.

In yet another case of grooming jihad reported from Uttar Pradesh, India and focused upon previously in a brief Jihad Watch post, a Muslim man posing as a Hindu lured in a Hindu minor, exploited her financially and sexually, forced conversion and nikah on her, and then abandoned her, but not before making this chilling confession: “By converting you into Islam I got the spiritual benefit equal to going on haj once, now you are of no use to me…by bringing a Brahmin Hindu girl into Islam, I am assured Jannat [paradise].” As per reports, the police have yet to take any action against the Muslim man.

The girl met Rashid Khan through social media in 2021; Khan introduced himself as Raju Mishra, and said that he worked at a steel supply factory in Surat, Gujarat. The duo met in person, and after a few meetings, Khan took the girl to his house, drugged her, and raped her.

Rashid Khan revealed his true identity to her after she regained consciousness and threatened to make her obscene photos and videos public if she did not give in to his demands. The scared minor conceded and continued to be sexually exploited by Rashid. He also extorted a sum of 4 lakhs (400,000 rupees, or $4,850 USD) from her, which is quite a hefty amount for a teenager to obtain in India.

Gradually, things deteriorated for the girl, and she was forced to leave her parents’ home. She first moved in with Khan at his parents’ house in Fatehpur and was then taken to Surat. She was impregnated twice, and forced to abort both times. When she insisted on marriage, Khan said he would marry her only if she converted to Islam.

A maulvi was called in. The Hindu girl was compelled to read the kalma and adopt a Muslim name after her conversion, and marry Rashid Khan. After the nikah, Rashid’s family force-fed her beef, claiming she could become a true Muslim only after eating beef. (Cows are considered sacred in Hinduism, and devout Hindus don’t consume beef.) They also handed her a copy of the Qur’an and commanded her to perform namaz, the five-times-daily Islamic prayer. She was commanded to wear only a certain kind of clothing and keep her head covered with a hijab all the time.

After marriage, when the girl asked for her money to be returned, the Muslim husband responded: “If I would have married a Muslim woman, her family would have given me dahej (dowry), what have you brought?” This is particularly noteworthy, because apologists of Islam often portray Islam as a better religion for a woman, claiming that there is no concept of dowry in Islam. Rashid was physically abusive towards the girl despite her conversion to Islam, and would force her to perform unnatural sex acts against her wishes. If she refused to pleasure Rashid during mensuration, he forced himself on her, asserting, “A Muslim woman can never say no to her husband.”

Finally, after a heated argument in February 2023, he left her, saying, By bringing you into Islam, I have earned spiritual benefit equal to one haj pilgrimage. Now you are of no use to me, I will not keep you.”

The girl was not even allowed inside Rashid’s parents’ house in Fatehpur; they threatened her with dire consequences. They also gloated about converting a “kaffir” to Islam, repeating the claim that they had earned Islamic merits equivalent to performing the haj.

With nowhere else to go, the girl went to the police, who called in Rashid’s parents. Though Rashid’s father promised to take his daughter-in-law in front of the officials, she was thrown out of the house the same night. As per the latest reports, the police were not ready to take her complaint anymore. On March 13, the victim met some local Hindu activists in the Fatehpur district; they helped highlight the matter in the media.

The girl, seeking justice and action against Rashid Khan, also shared two Aadhaar Cards (ID cards in India) belonging to the accused. One of these cards bears the name Raju Mishra.

Forging and using fake national IDs to secure jobs and target young Hindu girls is a common practice exercised by illegal Bangladeshi Muslim and Rohingya infiltrators in India. This pattern is now being adopted by many Muslim men of Indian origin as well. While the elites remain to be convinced that the Muslims can do anything wrong, numerous Hindu girls continue to fall into the trap of love jihad. It is a vicious cycle, and only some Hindu women are lucky enough to come out of it battered, but alive; others are recovered in pieces by the police.

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