Iran’s Foreign Minister: ‘We strongly condemn the repression of the peaceful demonstrations of the French people’

It’s not that Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has no self-awareness or no information about the violent suppression of protests in Iran. It is an attempt to show that what the Islamic Republic has done with its protestors is not so out of the ordinary, and to deceive people into thinking that the Iranian regime has not actually repressed peaceful demonstrations at all.

“Iran Condemns France for ‘Repression’ of Protests,” Agence France-Presse, March 24, 2023:

TEHRAN, IRAN — Iran on Friday condemned what it called France’s repression of protests after more than 450 people were arrested and nearly as many police were injured in demonstrations against pension reforms.

Protesters clashed with French security forces Thursday in the most serious violence yet of a three-month revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to change the retirement age from 62 to 64.

“We strongly condemn the repression of the peaceful demonstrations of the French people,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian tweeted in French.

“We call on the French government to respect human rights and refrain from using force against the people of the country who are peacefully pursuing their claims,” he added.

His ministry’s spokesman Nasser Kanani had previously urged the French government to “talk to its people and listen to their voices.”

“We do not support destruction or rioting, but we maintain that instead of creating chaos in other countries, listen to the voice of your people and avoid violence against them,” he said.

Kanani was referring to criticism, including from France, of Iran’s response to months-long protests triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini after the 22-year-old’s arrest for an alleged breach of the Islamic republic’s strict dress code for women.

Hundreds of people have been killed, including dozens of security personnel, and thousands arrested in connection with what Iranian officials described as “riots” fomented by Israel and the West….

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