Is Bruna Biancardi Pregnant With Neymar Baby? Relationship And Tiktok News

There is no concrete evidence to confirm whether Bruna Biancardi is actually pregnant with Neymar’s baby, despite the rumors that have been circulating online.

The internet has been buzzing with rumors about Bruna Biancardi, the Brazilian model, and influencer, being pregnant with Neymar’s baby. 

While some sources claim that the rumors are true and that Biancardi is indeed pregnant, others argue that the rumors are unfounded and that there is no evidence to support them. 

While some sources claim that the rumors are true, there is no concrete evidence to support them. Furthermore, Biancardi and Neymar have not confirmed the pregnancy rumors.

Is Bruna Biancardi Pregnant With Neymar Baby? 

The rumors about Bruna Biancardi being pregnant with Neymar’s baby started circulating online after some photos of Biancardi with a baby bump appeared on social media.

Bruna Biancardi uploaded a picture of herself and Neymar on Instagram and captioned it with “love you.” (Source: Instagram)

While some people believed that the photos were proof of Biancardi’s pregnancy, others argued that the photos could have been edited or that they could have been taken at an angle that made Biancardi’s stomach appear larger than it was.

To date, neither Bruna Biancardi nor Neymar has confirmed the rumors about the pregnancy. This has only fueled speculation among fans and followers of the Brazilian model and the football star.

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According to the athlete’s advisory, the rumors are untrue. Biancardi’s team refuted the pregnancy rumors in conversations with writer Fabiola Reipert from the RecordTV program General balance.

Bruna Biancardi Relationship With Neymar

According to reports, Neymar and Bruna Biancardi began dating in 2021. The couple nevertheless maintained their connection a secret from the general public.

Bruna Biancardi and Neymar are in a relationship and they express her affection for eachother, publicly through social media. (Source:

Biancardi has shared several photos of herself with Neymar on her Instagram account, while Neymar has also posted pictures and videos of himself with Biancardi on his Instagram stories.

However, the couple finally went public with their romance in January 2022 when they posted an engagement announcement on Instagram. 

As Neymar stopped wearing his engagement ring and the two stopped being seen together in the following months, rumors of the couple’s breakup began to surface. After some time, Bruna addressed the claims that Neymar had cheated on her and formally announced the couple’s separation.

The couple appears to be reconciled now that Biancardi will be present for Neymar’s birthday celebration on February 5, 2023.

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Bruna Biancardi and Neymar have a tight relationship, whether or not the pregnancy rumors are true. The duo frequently appears together and posts pictures of themselves on social media.

Tiktok News Regarding Bruna Biancardi’s Pregnancy

The rumors about Bruna Biancardi being pregnant with Neymar’s baby gained traction after a TikTok video of Biancardi went viral.

In the video, Biancardi can dance and show off her toned abs while wearing a crop top and shorts. However, some TikTok users claimed they could see a small baby bump in the video, which they believed was proof of Biancardi’s pregnancy.

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The TikTok video quickly spread on social media, with many people sharing it and commenting on the alleged pregnancy. Some people even speculated about the gender of the baby and suggested names for the couple’s hypothetical child.

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