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Italian chef reacts to Brooklyn Beckham’s wine cork in pasta sauce ‘hack’

An Italian chef has weighed in on Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking skills, after the aspiring chef posted a photo of herself making a pasta sauce with an unusual addition.

Beckham, 24, shared the picture on Instagram, which shows her cooking a pasta sauce with a red wine cork floating inside the pot, among other ingredients.

The bizarre cooking technique confused many followers. Beckham later posted a screenshot of a Google result explaining wine corks, which read: “Wine cork added to the cooking liquid ensures a more tender dish.”

the sentence originated from an article naples daily news, written by food columnist Doris Reynolds. He wrote that he found a recipe for cooking octopus that included wine corks.

“More research is ongoing and we have found information that adding wine corks to the cooking liquid ensures a more tender dish,” Reynolds said in his 2016 column.

“Experts argue about this method, but most chefs and those who prepare squid and octopus regularly swear that the cork contains enzymes that insure a more flavorful dish.”

But Italian chef Barbara Polastrini says that cooking method will do nothing to tenderize the meat.

He said insider: “The problem is people trust this food influencer and are without any knowledge.

“The only way to make a great ragu is to cook it for at least three hours. This is the only way to have soft meat.

He said there is no evidence that cooking octopus with wine corks makes any difference to its texture.

“The real reason fishermen from the south put corks in their huge pots where the octopus was cooked to be sold on the street is because the cork was attached to a string that the octopus was tied to while cooking,” Polastrini explained.

Beckham has been criticized before for her cooking choices during her journey to become a professional chef, her latest in a series of career ventures.

Most recently, he faced backlash for using truffles in another pasta dish, as truffles are a premium ingredient that sold at high prices, and he was accused of being “out of touch” with his followers. The allegation was made.


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